Let’s Talk About Sex FitMama

Podcast:  Let’s Talk About Sex FitMama

Podcast:  Let’s Talk About Sex FitMama

This week I want to break it down into action (pun intended) packed tips and ideas to get you hot in the bedroom.

I often have FitMamas who are not feeling sexy, their man or woman wants sex but they aren’t feeling it.
Whether it’s hormones, burnout or self-consciousness that’s the culprit, I will share some things that are bound to turn you on.

First off, I want you to think about visualizing how you felt when you were dating your spouse. Your first times together, your first kiss or the time he proposed and you have never felt so in love.

Then, get acquainted with yourself again. This body. It’s not the same one as before you had kids and that’s okay! In fact it’s amazing. Because this body has created life and love and something from nothing and is yours to keep forever.

Honouring your body through self-pleasure is highly recommended. Then you’re easily able to share with your King or Queen how you like to be pleasured and they can help you give them maximum pleasure too.

We talk grooming, posture, self-care, sexting, porn, imagination, making time for dates and so much more in this episode. Trust that you DO want intimacy with your partner and yourself between the sheets just as much as he does, maybe even more.

Need some way of scheduling and holding yourself accountable?

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