Freedom Embodied with Debbie Lichter

Podcast:  Freedom Embodied with Debbie Lichter

Podcast:  Freedom Embodied with Debbie Lichter

This week on the podcast, Episode 47: Freedom Embodied with Debbie Lichter

As the founder of Freedom From Food Addiction and Freedom Embodied Academy, Debbie Lichter has helped women worldwide for nearly a decade get free from food and other addictions, obsessions and self-sabotaging patterns so they stop holding back and have the confidence to authentically shine their light.

As an addiction and embodiment expert who worked for Cosmopolitan Magazine Internationally, Debbie navigated her own path to freedom from food and drug addiction, co-dependency, anxiety and severe self-doubt. Today she combines 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry with her integrated Freedom Embodied System that helps women get free and stay free from all addictions, feel comfortable in their skin, lose weight without thinking or obsessing about food, trust themselves to make healthy choices and feel confident.

Debbie has conducted over 200 classes, workshops, and trainings in the areas of addiction, spirituality, and self-care and is currently growing a “global constellation” of women who are living free, being authentic and shining their light.

You know how important freedom is to me and how much I care about you FitMama, feeling free in your body, with food, and feeling love rather than loathing for yourself.

This inspiring episode goes in depth about self-trust, reconnecting with your true self and bringing the best of you out unapologetically into this world without hiding anymore behind self-sabotage.

Debbie offers a generous personal gift for you at the end of the episode, click here for more info and to connect directly with Debbie!

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