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Podcast:  Delicate Discipline

Podcast:  Delicate Discipline

Having a hard time following through or do you get started and keep going for a while then drop off when things get crazy again.

In this episode, I talk about the delicate discipline towards ourselves that is necessary in getting our goals accomplished.

Often we think it is sheer will that is needed or that we need to motivate ourselves through negative self-talk (“when I tell myself I am fat and lazy it works to get me moving again…”) that may be true for very short time, but ultimately fails in the long I share my rainbow visualization to bring more heart-centered awareness and self-compassion. Empathy and compassion for yourself, your current phase of life, your current body, your kids and spouse AS THEY ARE is where the magic lies.

Delicate towards yourself makes the discipline part FEEL easy.

Are you your own worst enemy?

Learn why this may be the biggest mistake you’re making in your health, fitness and motherhood journey.

“Start from the Heart” is what I always say when coming to decisions, knowing that the heart’s wisdom and understanding of truth is very much superior to the conditioned mind.

Come from love, feel love, enjoy basking in the glory of your own self-love and see how the behaviors, thoughts, and moods that make up your days are elevated to meet the expectations you have set for yourself.

You got this FitMama!!

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You are not alone!

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