Scarcity Mindset: Think there is never enough (time, money, support...)?

Podcast:  Scarcity Mindset: Think there is never enough (time, money, support…)?

Podcast:  Scarcity Mindset: Think there is never enough (time, money, support…)?

In this week’s episode, I dive into the mindset of scarcity. This means that you find yourself consistently replaying the story in your head that says, “there isn’t enough time,” “I don’t have the support I need,” I can’t afford to do that,” “Must be nice for them, it will never happen for me.” And so on… This old story has been playing for centuries and it’s time for you to let it go and play in the realm of possibility!

What if anything were possible?

What if you could change the story and support yourself?

What if you didn’t keep making these excuses that hold you back?

It’s so fantastic to fully realize that everything you have ever wanted can be yours and you CAN have the amazing feelings and life that you so desire. Feeling good doesn’t come from outside of you. It isn’t dependent on your external circumstances. Feeling happy doesn’t come from buying the latest fashion, car or gadget.

We already know this intuitively, so let us get outside that old family story of “there isn’t enough” and “they are succeeding, therefore I must be failing” mentality.

You CAN reach your goals in any area and it will become very evident once you change the focus of your head talk…

Abundance mindset here we come!

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