What do you eat FitMama?

Podcast:  What do you eat, FitMama?

Podcast:  What do you eat, FitMama?

The work IN this episode is all about FOOD.

This is one of the most common questions I get from FitMamas and it’s no wonder because it’s a confusing landscape out there.

I share my personal stories about my dieting past. I share my history of “restriction” and “obsession” with food.

As the “season of food” is descending upon us, worrying about weight gain is optional and what you focus on grows…

I share the simple guidelines I use to maintain my weight, feel great around the clock, never feel deprived, always allow myself choice and never restrict myself of anything.

This is possible FitMama!!

I share all the steps and a whole 21-day journey of awareness and understanding yourself in my eBook and audios: The 21 Days to Love Your Body

Honouring yourself and tuning in is a first important step.

Where have you disconnected from your own needs?

Where and when did you start tuning out of your body to “please” others?

How has this affected the level of self-TRUST that I talk about messing with on the dieting cycle?

A simple way to start tuning into yourself and beginning your self-love journey starts with this free audio: Listen Within NOW

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Love Jen



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