WHAT exactly IS “Core Rehab?”

Podcast: WHAT exactly IS “Core Rehab?”

Podcast: WHAT exactly IS “Core Rehab?”

This episode follows my 8-day “media tour” trip around California promoting my international best-selling book, The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood.

I shared with host after host the importance of core rehab and realized that I may not yet have explained this process on the podcast yet, so here it is!

I explain why I recommend to “stay flat for 5” and “heal your seal” and what the heck Pearl PullUps are.

I explain the deep four “deep core” muscles aka The Core 4 and how they work, how they change with pregnancy and birth as well as what exactly a Diastasis Recti is.

For more visuals, head over to the LoveFitMama YouTube channel and watch the #nocrunches video to help you understand why I advise against these common “ab” moves after you’ve had a baby.

Do you have questions about your core?

Book in for a free chat HERE.

This episode covers leaking pee when sneezing, walking, jumping or working out and I go into what a prolapse is – and why you don’t want one.

We talk superficial core and deep core and what I recommend starting with before going on to other workouts.

Enjoy this informative episode and share with your fellow Mom friends!

This episode was brought to you in partnership with The MuTu System for Core rehab. Get 25% off this week (until Oct. 5) or order and start your core rehab program anytime at this link.

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Love Jen

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