Hormone Cycle Phases: Tuning IN, Testing and Tweaking Things

Podcast: Hormone Cycle Phases: Tuning IN, Testing and Tweaking Things

Podcast: Hormone Cycle Phases: Tuning IN, Testing and Tweaking Things

On this week’s episode, I had the honour of interviewing the dynamic duo that makes up Zesty Ginger.

These two help women globally become more aware of the phases of their cycle, they guide them get testing to see where their imbalances are and then from there, they support them in tweaking things that need some attention so they can thrive in their life rather than feel hijacked by their hormones.

If you are new to understanding the phases of your cycle and want to support your body in each unique week, download their free cycle guide: www.zestyginger.com/cycle

They created a simple and easy to follow guide that will give you a leg up on liver and full body hormone support. This is the guide I use and love to make my daily detox elixirs to support that week of my cycle. It can be overwhelming to take supplements like chlorophyll, milk thistle, turmeric tincture, collagen and more. When to skin brush? How much lemon or cranberry juice? They answer it all in their guide and on this episode of the FitMama Podcast.

We go into their individual journeys that brought them together as a functional nutritionist and MD team who are on a mission to support women and to clear the confusion that exists around hormones and our cycles. Their “testing vs. guessing” philosophy allows them to be of great service to women and moving from PMS, PCOS, Painful periods or worse to system support and symptom freedom.

Join their supportive tribe and the next Healthy Hormones Group that begins Sept 25th: www.zestyginger.com/healthyhormones

Follow more of their journeys and incredible tips and tools on Instagram @zesty_ginger

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