Podcast: Routines for the win back to school

Podcast: Routines for the win back to school

Podcast: Routines for the win back to school

Tune in for your weekly dose of love from FitMama herself!  My wisdom on self-love and self-care keeps you on your feet and in the work IN to your workout today, I deliver the truth and love bombs that will have you taking deep action instead of the surface stuff that only lasts so long.

Excuses everyday?
Constantly hitting the wall?
Losing Motivation?
Starting a new routine?
Trying again?

Self-care is no joke, with women getting sick and tired in record breaking numbers. No matter where you’re at, I will have you looking at your routines and current habits and will be optimizing them with you on the podcast. I ask probing questions and will be digging into what is really going on for you. You are not alone FitMama. Keep failing? Good! It means you’re working at something. But are you fully committing? What is standing in your way? Get regular and routine this fall with a flare.

Join us in the Facebook group as we tackle #goals this September.

Have you gotten your medicinal mushroom coffee yet?   Try this recipe that I came up with this summer (inspired by my sister)!!

2 packets “Create” Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee
14 oz hot water 2 tbsp MCT oil
2 tbsp Organic Maple syrup
1 scoop Grassfed Collagen (I use vitalproteins)
5-10 ice cubes (or blend hot and then pour over 5-10 ice cubes)

Blend on high, pour into glass Enjoy!!

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Thanks for letting me be a part of your FitMama journey, see you in the FitMama Facebook Group.

Love Jen

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