Podcast: You are a Queen, Treat your King

Podcast: “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books” with Zibby Owens

Podcast: “Moms Don’t Have Time to Read Books” with Zibby Owens

This week, I have the honour of interviewing writer and podcaster, Zibby Owens! Zibby is an inspiring mom of 4 children who hosts a podcast called “Moms don’t have time to read books!” which is a brilliant title and concept!

I share how I found and connected with Zibby and then we interview each other on this podcast. I ask Zibby some questions to get her thinking about her own core and explain to her what can be done to support herself even though her children aren’t young anymore. It’s never too late to rehab your core and reconnect deeper with yourself. Join us as we share important details you won’t want to miss!

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