Podcast: You are a Queen, Treat your King

Podcast: You are a Queen, Treat your King

Podcast: You are a Queen, Treat your King

This week, you will inevitably be inspired to harness your inner Goddess and let its spirit unleash onto your life! I talk sex, self-talk, masturbation, body image, and releasing your inhibitions that may be holding you back from feeling your best. I offer ideas and suggestions for increasing your connection to your divine inner Goddess by yourself and with your partner. Have you been conditioned to think your needs and desires don’t matter? Have you gotten into a rut and haven’t been treating your King like the Queen you are?

Regardless of your relationship status or how many kids and toddlers you have at home, trust that you can feel the excitement of dating again. Lifelong dating of your man or woman is truly possible and is a very important part of creating a long and sustainable marriage. Kids can feel the connection and love their parents have – so ignite yours with some simple ideas and new perspectives. Make today exciting and treat your love with love.

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