Benefits of Orgasms (and how to have more)!

Podcast: Benefits of Orgasms (and how to have more)!

Podcast: Benefits of Orgasms (and how to have more)!

Be prepared to get excited in this episode (I did!)

Today I talk about edging yourself towards orgasms and the many benefits to doing so. Not only the orgasm itself but also all the “foreplay” that can go into it, solo or with others.

In this episode, I talk a lot about body image and some new ways to look at the things we see in the mirror. Some new thought patterns and habit patterns can take you to new places with unconditionally accepting your body, loving it from the inside out, and outside in and honoring yourself and your needs daily.

Each of us deserves to feel pleasure and to prioritize it in our days.

Our intimacy with ourselves plays a big role in connecting with partners and plays a big role in all other relationships we’re in. Role modeling sex positivity and body positivity for our children is an opportunity we all have that will benefit each of us greatly.

Schedule in some time for pleasure, play, self-pleasure, and mirror gazing. Stare at your beautiful naked self in a mirror or take a few naked pictures of yourself and begin admiring yourself. Even closes ups of your vulva (yoni), especially at different stages of arousal and post orgasm. See the beauty and love what you see. This will enhance your pleasure!

While there are many benefits to orgasms, the best ones come not from forcing them. Don’t make sex or sexy playtime all focused on achieving orgasms because the anticipation and the buildup to the actual release feel oh so good as well.

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