The Ultimate Home Birth with Marni Wasserman

Podcast: The Ultimate Home Birth with Marni Wasserman

Podcast: The Ultimate Home Birth with Marni Wasserman

This episode with Marni Wasserman will inspire you and encourage you to dream big for your birth experience and stay the course when things aren’t going according to plan. Marni takes us through her the end of her pregnancy and shares her home childbirth experience and the unexpected ways that things panned out just as she had hoped for.

It’s natural for us as moms to give our power over to the doctors, nurses or midwives when it comes to crunch time in our birthing journey, but Marni shares candidly how tuning into her intuition, trusting her body and staying focused on her dream home birth kept her going when things looked like that dream wasn’t going to come true.

In this episode, Marni gives us the details on all different things that she did at the end of her pregnancy to get her baby to move into the birth canal for her big debut.

Marni gives us the real talk on how she almost had to birth in the hospital, why that was, what she did about it, and then what happened once she got the birthing show on the road.

Marni shares some essentials in her birthing kit, she shares her mindset and perspectives going into the birth, her support system and the birth team that allowed her to stay confident in her choices, how she got through almost 2 days straight of labor to deliver her babe in the comfort of her own home and what she has been up to the last few months as a new mom.

Marni is a role model for so many as she shares so honestly and in detail the ins and outs of her journey on her blog, Instagram and, I have her on the podcast for the first time when she’s pregnant a few months ago and she shares so much detail in that episode you will love it.

For more details around her pregnancy, birth prep, life as a new mom and more go to her new The Ultimate Baby Podcast and her also on her website and her IGTV

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