What’s a Doula with Christa Ardelean

Podcast: What’s a Doula with Christa Ardelean

Podcast: What’s a Doula with Christa Ardelean

This week’s episode will leave you feeling empowered about birthing.

Pregnant women are consistently bombarded with fear messaging about the pain and suffering they are about to embark upon through labor, delivery, and raising children.

Christa Ardelean is a birth, sibling, and postpartum Doula and a childbirth educator. She is an advocate of empowered birth planning. Christa differentiates between the pain vs. the suffering we can experience on our journeys to becoming moms.

We talk a lot about the fear that surrounds birthing in our culture and Christa shares what she does in her role as a doula and explains what a doula can do to bring about a more comfortable birthing experience.

We go deeply into comfort measures and the research shows that oxytocin is released as a result of the mother feeling comfortable. We dive into some of these measures that can make birthing that much more of a delightful experience.

I am always encouraging moms to journal about the good, the bad, and everything about their birth experience.

Christa encourages this and goes on to say it’s normal and okay to mourn your birth if things didn’t go as planned and you still birthed a healthy baby. Let yourself be sad she says, I agree and know that processing these emotions is vital to mind-body health.

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