Simply Synced with Jenn Pike

Podcast: Simply Synced with Jenn Pike

Podcast: Simply Synced with Jenn Pike

This week’s packed episode features Jenn Pike, a Functional Nutritionist and Medical Exercise Specialist who shares with us her simplicity style wisdom, sharing with us how being healthy and fit does not have to be complicated.

Jenn shares the value of knowing what week of your cycle you’re in and how you can modify your lifestyle and behaviors from week to week to support performance, health, and recovery.

Jenn’s brilliant Synced program will have you feeling grounded, connected and clear on what your body needs from week to week to help it thrive!

She shares wisdom around the birth control pill, she relates her experience in fitness competitions and she shares her own lifestyle habits that keep her feeling at her best.

Jenn will inspire you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do just by listening to this episode and following her on Instagram and Facebook, listening to her podcast, and connecting with her via her website.

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