Eat Without Pain featuring Dr. Kim Bretz

Podcast: Eat Without Pain featuring Dr. Kim Bretz

Podcast: Eat Without Pain featuring Dr. Kim Bretz

This episode will have you asking some good questions about how you really feel when you eat. Before, during, and after.

Dr. Kim Bretz, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor in Canada who is a passionate international public speaker and consultant on gastrointestinal health.

As someone who knows the pain of “IBS” and irritable bowels, I know the pain one can go through when it feels like anything you eat makes you bloated, sick, or constipated, or worse, running to every bathroom.

Kim talked about how eating foods should not feel and how to get to the bottom of some of the pain you might be feeling if you have gut discomfort. Kim shared her humor and passion and answers some key questions in the episode such as:

  • What bloating is a sign for
  • Why heartburn is happening
  • Why we have to change pants by the end of the day
  • What the physical pain and bowel changes are saying

Dr. Kim Bretz shares how the IBS world has changed and explains that 15-20% of the population are getting diagnosed with IBS. While IBS used to be recognized as a default gut issue when they didn’t know what else was wrong, now technology has afforded us the capability of understanding and testing specifics of the bacteria in our guts and now we can rectify the imbalance of the bacteria through diet and other interventions.

Deprivation is not the only way and Dr. Kim talks about reintroducing foods and how no foods need to be “off-limits” for life (other than allergies).

Get in touch with Dr. Kim Bretz, ND if you are having gut issues you can’t seem to solve. She will help you eat without pain! Find her and follow her hilarious musings on

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