Chakra Talk with Jummee Joy

Podcast: Chakra Talk with Jummee Joy

Podcast: Chakra Talk with Jummee Joy

Jummee Park, a spiritual feeder and medicine woman, shares the basics of what a chakra is and explains which colors are associated with each chakra.

Root Chakra – Red
Sacral Chakra – Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Heart Chakra – Green
Throat Chakra – Blue
Third Eye Chakra – Purple
Crown Chakra – Neutral

We dive deeply into this episode into the Root Chakra, the foundation, the all-important energy center that deals with the matters of safety.

All aspects of life whether it comes to love, fear abundance, scarcity, sex, our creativity, our power, our energy and so much more all begin within this critical chakra feeling safety at its vibrational core.

Tune in to gain understanding which chakras might be connected to any pain or frustrations you’re having in your body or life.

Jummee shares how food, mood, boundaries, safety, and curiosity all play an integral role in your health and well being.

Prepare to ask questions! Jummee will inspire you to go on an introspective journey and there is no better time than now!

JummeeJoy does her LIVE breathwork every morning at 8 am on Zoom Click Here to join daily and use the password 938298

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