A Purpose Driven Life with Dr. Meghan Walker

Podcast: A Purpose Driven Life with Dr. Meghan Walker

Podcast: A Purpose Driven Life with Dr. Meghan Walker

Our purpose, motivation, clarity, and direction in life are being confronted more than ever before during these unprecedented pandemic times.

This week’s guest, one of the women I admire most on this planet, Dr. Meghan Walker, talks to us about her personal motivations, how she’s keeping her family healthy and ready for anything, her checklist of self-care behaviors that keep her grounded, as well as how she tapped into her own clear sense of purpose to step up in these uncertain times to provide tools, support, and community to allied health practitioners who need them more than ever.

Dr. Meghan shares her own mindset that provides her the freedom to choose how she wants to show up each day in her own life.

As a mom of 3 girls, she shares how she and her husband are navigating their parenting and homeschooling duties while each building and supporting businesses of their own at the same time.

Meghan is an inspiration and it shines through in each moment of this interview.

Prepare to be inspired to be the Chief Cheerleader in your own life, by digging into the concept of YOUR purpose.

Dr. Meghan shares the multiple parallels between having a clear personal sense of purpose (that goes beyond the great purpose of parenting your children) and the health outcomes associated with tapping into your purpose each and every day.

Connect with Meghan directly on her social media channels,

Instagram: @drmeghanwalker
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Fuel your Purpose Driven Life with her proprietary women’s performance supplements, Badass Basics, at www.badassbasics.com and go to www.drmeghanwalker.com for more info on this Super FitMama.

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