Intimacy and Honesty with Chris Oliver

Podcast: Intimacy and Honesty with Chris Oliver

Podcast: Intimacy and Honesty with Chris Oliver

Welcome to our 100th Episode!

In this episode, I invited my husband Chris on to have some open chats about the evolution of myself as Jen, wife, mother, and FitMama, particularly the last 15 years we’ve been together.

I thanked him publicly for his strength, support, and for always creating such safety and love in my life such that I could blossom and fulfill my purpose.

Chris is straightforward as always, he shares honest reflections and truths that I know you will gain wisdom from.

I shared openly about how I felt during some major transitions in our lives and though it was not easy at the time, I knew what was right for us as a family. Forthcoming open communication of my feelings wasn’t a strong suit for me for many years, grinning and bearing it was.

Chris points out that we’re not a “perfect couple” by any means and that it’s important to “say what you mean and mean what you say” in any relationship.

We go into how to play, creating safety, open-mindedness, curiosity, and suspending judgment are crucial aspects of allowing growth to happen in a marriage, and as well as in parenting.

We talk about our Tantra experience and you’ll hear Chris’ perspective on it.

I share that we’re working our way through the videos in Kenneth Play’s Sex Hacker Pro Program. We talk love and lust and generalizations and old shame stories around sex.

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