Podcast: Overwhelm, Anxiety and Exhaustion got you stuck?

Podcast: Overwhelm, Anxiety and Exhaustion got you stuck?

Podcast: Overwhelm, Anxiety and Exhaustion got you stuck?

This week I share the most incredible tool to shift out of the state of overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion. I explain how the energy leak of living out of alignment of your core values and beliefs will keep you stuck in your head on a continuous loop of overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion.

Follow this three-step Instant Reset Analysis or IRA process which is the Heart-Core Connection to self-love.

I – Identify that you’re stuck in your head (Head = H1)
R – Replace head talk with heart talk (use the words “thank you” on repeat) (Heart  =H2)
A – Ask the questions of your core. (Home = H3)

I explain it all in detail during this episode and the shifts this helps clients make creates a cascade of incredible positive changes that flow with ease instead of feeling like such a battle.

Apply HERE for the FitMama Foundations™ Program where you will learn these techniques and so many more that will empower you on your FitMama journey.

To finish off the podcast I share my secret to getting what you want right now. Don’t miss this episode – it’s sure to lead to an incredible breakthrough if you’re feeling at all stuck or living out someone else’s values rather than your own.


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This episode is brought to you by the Best Self Journal. Take some time each day to follow up on your own goals. As well, our show partner Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee encourages you to brew a cup and do the IRA process!! The calmness you will feel from this yummy cup of coffee will feel so good!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your FitMama journey, see you in the FitMama Facebook Group.

Love Jen

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