The Core Connection to “Bouncing Back” after Baby

Podcast: The Core Connection to “Bouncing Back” after Baby

Podcast: The Core Connection to “Bouncing Back” after Baby

I recap the 7 Pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ and highlight the importance and paradox of this 7th pillar – Fitness, movement, exercise…however you look at it, I will ensure you have a new perspective by the end of this episode. I share the negative consequences of core dysfunction and what things can make it worse.

This episode will have you asking some deep questions to yourself that will truly change the way you look at things, so the things you look at change. Want a flat belly, strong body, fit heart, toned arms? Want to feel good, happy, relaxed, patient and rested? These are all possible for you – but they all start from a deeper connection within.

Often postpartum, it’s more important to consider what NOT to do, than what to do. I outline the ABCs to focus on as you consider what your fitness routine looks like at this phase in your life. Apply for the upcoming group-coaching program: The FitMama Foundations Application is here.

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This episode is brought to you by the 21 Days to Love Your Body eBook program and by Muse, the brain sensing meditation headband.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your FitMama journey, see you in the FitMama Facebook Group.

Love Jen

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