Getting Your Body Back

Podcast: Getting Your Body Back

Podcast: Getting Your Body Back

This is one of the most common things FitMamas say they “want” when it comes to postpartum fitness and health goals. I go into what it really takes to “get your body back” and how it may be a lot closer than you think. I deep dive into the key pieces to focus on the level that can actually affect change – and it may take less sweat than you first anticipated.

This episode will inspire you to practice forms self-love and self-care that you may not have realized are so intimately connected with how you feel about your body. Your relationship with yourself is the one that I encourage you to work on. I introduce the sex and self-care guidance I expand on in my FitMama Foundations™ group program and will have you setting aside time in your busy schedule to start engaging in some of the more useful ways to “get your body back.”

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