Why Meditate?

Podcast: Why Meditate?

Podcast: Why Meditate?

In good form in this episode of the work IN to your workout, I share why meditation is one of the cornerstone pillars of the FitMama Foundations™.

Have you ever noticed it’s not what you want that you really want, it’s the feeling that said thing will bring? Want weight loss? You probably want to feel strong and healthy in your body. Want more sleep? You probably want to feel rested and energized. Wish you had more time? You probably want to feel good about what you’re doing and have clear boundaries so you’re not constantly doing everything for everyone else, BUT you. Will meditation help with all of these?

Yes. In a very impactful, noticeable way, incorporating small doses of meditation will change your life for the better. I give you so many reasons why meditation is such a key component to the work IN needed to get the most from your healthy lifestyle. By the end of this episode, you will see why scheduling in your (even 5 minute!) daily session is the game changer you’ve been waiting for. Everything you want is just one calming breath away.

Tune in to reconnect to the core of you and set an intentional path to honour you through deep breathing, visualization and meditation today! Contact Jen with questions!

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This episode of the FitMama Podcast is brought to you by Muse, the brain sensing headband and the Best Self Journal. It’s the little daily habits that make up your lifestyle!

Thanks for letting me be a part of your FitMama journey, see you in the FitMama Facebook Group.

Love Jen

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