Food Freedom FitMama

Podcast: Food Freedom FitMama

Podcast: Food Freedom FitMama

Food and diet have become one of the most talked about and complicated aspects of our health and fitness culture. What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? The weight loss industry and health practitioners have been making up meal plans for decades now.

Curiously, however, we now have a generation of children being born that aren’t supposed to live longer than their parents did. That’s shocking and when it comes to adaptation and evolution, that is completely backward. Something isn’t working when it comes to the diet industry actually supporting long-term weight loss. So where does that leave us then if we want to lose weight and keep it off? To the work IN to your workout of course!!

In this episode, I share the science and reality around how our thoughts and feelings affect our food choices and how those can matter more than the food choices themselves. Feeling guilt, shame and regret around food choices will increase the stress hormones in the body and in fact lead to less chance of weight loss and a cascade of other things you are unlikely to want. Intuitive eating, or “listening to your body” is important and also knowing where the choices or cravings or desires are coming from. Are they coming from “shoulds” and “have to’s” or are they coming from love and connection and a desire to nourish? There is no judgment, just questions here.

Ask yourself how you are standing in the way of your goals through too much “food negativity” and worry rather than experiencing, eating and enjoying. I suggest 3 things you can do starting today that will allow you to get a deeper understanding of your personal experience and you how you can move in each moment towards food freedom. For life! You got this!

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