Going from Without to Within

Podcast: Going from Without to Within

Podcast: Going from Without to Within


Do you feel lack? Feel not good enough or unworthy no matter what you do?

So often we don’t stop to look around our life other than to compare ourselves, our bodies or our life situation with our friends, family, peers or people we may or may not even care about. We take the opinion of others as the gospel and we let others’ thoughts or feelings about us inform our own.

Our biggest fears as humans are around not being worthy. Not being loved. Not being good enough.

We think we need to hire a trainer, start a diet, do a complete overhaul on our life or something else external to us to be good enough. It’s all lies you tell yourself, and in this episode, I break it down for you – unworthiness or feeling lack is a symptom of a greater problem and can be remedied by one life-changing action:

Listening and connecting within.

Regularly checking in with yourself and what your inner guru is telling you. Within yourself is all the love, abundance, worthiness and happiness you can ever dream of. Tapping into this endless supply is what The Love FitMama Way is all about.

You are worthy and loved, there is just no doubt about it.

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Love Jen

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