Podcast: How is change changing you?

Podcast: How is change changing you?

Podcast: How is change changing you?

Change is an inevitable part of life and yet one of the most feared things we encounter on our journeys. How do you adapt to change? How do disruptions in your routines and life affect your thoughts, habits, and behaviours? I share some of the major changes I have endured and how they have played a role in my personal growth and development.

When you listen and ask yourself the questions I pose, you will find yourself going back in time to stories in your own life that were created out of change.

Are these stories serving you? Are you playing the role of victim or victor in your stories? The questions about how change is changing you, are about exploring these stories and experiences and finding 5 or more ways they were a growth experience benefitting you.

Shifting perspectives here opens up empowering opportunities to transform.  Tune in now to embrace change and flow through life with more ease.

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