Perfect pumpkin scones

Perfect Pumpkin Scones

Perfect Pumpkin Scones

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Perfect Pumpkin Scones were designed by me, because I have a serious LOVE for scones since I learned my first recipe in Home Economics class in Grade 7 at my school in Toronto, Canada. That sparked a love for baking (and eating baked goods) in me that has never died. If you hang out in our FitMama Facebook Group for more than a day, you will see that I have a die hard love for muffins and other such baked goods – my healthy versions are my preference by far. I upload new recipes into the files there quite often, so stay tuned as I add more that you will love.

In the fall in Canada, pumpkin has always been a staple on the menu. Pumpkin pie was always too sweet and rich in my opinion and pumpkin muffins and scones that you can buy commercially are usually covered in sugary icing and filled with hydrogenated fats that will leave you feeling icky, bloated and dissatisfied.

Enter…..the perfect pumpkin scones! I love them because they are so easy to make and use wholesome ingredients. My kids love making these with me and we all enjoy them as a warm comforting treat – they are so good right out of the oven!!

The only sugar I use is date sugar – which actually adds nutritional value and not just empty calories like white sugar does. Compared to usual scones that use loads of butter (and not grass fed typically, often hydrogenated versions), these ones use just 1 tablespoon per 5 scones, of super healthy oil (choose coconut or avocado oil).

I make these usually once a week during the fall season and I commonly use boxed pumpkin puree. The key thing to look for in the store is pumpkin puree (read the ingredient label, it should just be pumpkin), not canned pumpkin pie mix – which has a number of other ingredients in it that will not go well with this recipe. I like the tetra boxes of puree if you can find them, as they are less inclined to contain BPA toxins that the lining of cans can often contain.

I have perfected this recipe with much practice and it has take on a few iterations depending on what I have in my cupboards. Especially since I have been travelling, I have had to make some modifications. I will offer a few swaps here, but this is the basic outline (I often double it, because these can go fast):

Possibilities for good substitutions I have tried:

For vegan scones – use Chia seed gel as a substitute for the eggs: just 1.5 tbsp of ground chia plus 1/4 cup water and let it sit for 5-10 minutes so it forms a gel before adding to the sugar/oil mixture.

For grain free scones – use coconut flour instead of oat flour. You need to purchase coconut flour, but oat flour is just rolled oats blended in any blender for a few seconds – it is really simple to do.

I have made them with avocado oil, melted coconut oil, and melted grass fed butter – these have all worked incredibly well.

I have used both coconut sugar and date sugar. I am sure you can use others as well if you so desire.

Often I omit pumpkin pie spice as I don’t usually have it on hand when I travel, but cinnamon is a staple, so I usually just double the amount because I love it.

I hope you love these as much as I do!

Please let me know how yours turn out. These are always a crowd pleaser with family and friends and I often make them for brunches or breakfast when I host.



Love Jen

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