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Nurturing the FitMama

Nurturing the FitMama

As FitMamas and as women we love to nurture others.  We take care of our families and our friends, fix things, and make others feel good.  Who doesn’t love to do this? It’s part of the corner stone of what makes us awesome, caring people.

Here’s the thing though.  We don’t have unlimited energy and resources to draw upon.  Anything that is physically, emotionally or mentally demanding draws upon our will power reserve.  This is why we often fail to show up for our selfcare practices.  We spend so much of our will power bank on others that we simply don’t have enough left for ourselves at days end.

When you are immediately postpartum this is especially important.

Our body has too much healing to do in the 8-10 week period immediately following birth, and it has been through the incredibly demanding experience of pregnancy and childbirth.  This drains our resources.

Time to build them back up so you can get healed!

Nurturing yourself is how you refill this pool.

Here at FitMama we educate you on how to do that.

Rest, rehab, and routine are the keys to nurturing yourself right now.  Let others take care of you.  Get in bed and stay in bed for five full days after you come home from the hospital.  Rest allows your body to do what it was designed to do, which is heal itself.

The FitMama golden rule here is “Stay flat for 5” which means: DON’T DO STAIRS FOR FIVE FULL DAYS AFTER BIRTH.

That’s right, I said FIVE FULL DAYS. Go downstairs for the day and then up at night if you must. Otherwise just stay on one level and don’t go too far!

Staying hydrated, getting the rest you need and developing a deep core breathing practice will help you to build your reserves back up so that you can wholeheartedly take on your new FitMama lifestyle.

Share this with someone who is pregnant right now, so they can have the best start to their postpartum journey too!

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Love Jen

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