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Not Your Average Brussels Sprouts

Not Your Average Brussels Sprouts


Not your average Brussels sprouts is a recipe that will get you from thinking of Brussels sprouts as “no way!” to Brussels sprouts as “seconds please!” These little mini cabbages have a poor rap, but let me tell you, if cooked right, they will make you salivate for them the way you never imagined!

When I was little, I was on the fence about cooked vegetables. The texture of things like mushrooms and zucchini made me loathe these and have one of those kid moments whenever my mom cooked them (NO!!!). Brussels sprouts, however, were one of my faves growing up. It didn’t dawn on me until I was in University, when my housemate gawked at me making them regularly and constantly said, “I don’t know how you eat those, Brussels sprouts are so disgusting!” and upon further investigation, I learned that this was mainstream thinking.

Still now, I read my kids books and they make comments about not liking Brussels sprouts (lines I leave out when I read to my kids!) and it almost creates a self-fulfilling prophecy around disliking vegetables (the opposite of what we want for our kids!)

The main reason why I didn’t hate Brussels sprouts was that my mom did not overcook them, she almost undercooked them, so they were still green and crunchy, instead of overcooked, brown and squishy. This is a common mistake when cooking peas, broccoli, zucchini and other delicate vegetables.

Fast forward from my childhood to a few years ago when I began to see Brussels sprouts appearing on all the menus of many restaurants. I encouraged friends to order them and cautiously they tasted them and were completely blown away. “They are savoury and delicious! Not like I remember!” they would say, as many of their parents would overcook them and remove all flavour or good texture. Life changing!!

Brussels sprouts are cruciferous vegetables that are known cancer protectors. The more the better! Recently at a restaurant, I had the best Brussels sprouts of all time, and although everyone at the table agreed they were delicious, we also agreed that we would never put that much oil on our vegetables. These things were swimming in oil! It turns out, the reason they were so good was that they were deep fried. So I made it my mission to make a healthier version of these terrific Brussels sprouts, and maybe even amp up the flavour.

Roasting vegetables in the oven is just such a fabulous way of cooking them. It brings out the natural sugars in the vegetables (we naturally love sugars), so it makes them browned and caramelized – so flavourful without the deep frying even necessary. Every time I post vegetables roasted in the FitMama Facebook Group I notice so many comments from others saying how much their whole families love eating their veggies this way! Do it! Anything that helps you and your loved ones eat more veggies is the way to go!

Lucky for you Fitmamas, I think I have created a healthier but equally decadent tasting brussel sprout. Good luck not eating the whole batch!

Save this. Make it. Enjoy it!


Let me know how you like these!!


Love Jen


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  1. These look great Jen! I love a bit of spice on my roasted veggies. I’ll have to give them a try!

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