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New Year, New Love For YOU!

New Year, New Love For YOU!



Hey FitMama,
Happy New Year!
In the FitMama Community are starting January by easing into the back to school mayhem with the last 7 days of our #21DaysToLoveYourBodyChallenge. Today is Day 15.
After ringing in a new year, it’s easy to focus on the things we still need/want to work on, but today, take time to celebrate your wins!
Not good at it?
Like everything else – practice makes progress.
Not avoidance or repeating daily the same old habits and stories we replay in our heads, but practice.
And conscious choice to make things different if you want them to be.
Please share your wins from 2016 in the comments or join the group to share there.
Congrats to all you who lost weight last year, I know many for whom that was a focus – but remember that being a FitMama all starts with LOVE and measuring your amazingness based on a scale is an unloving way to do it.
Why? Because you are SO much more than what you look like, weigh, wear, own, or know.
Maintaining a weight you are happy with long term is going to come from living a healthy lifestyle – LONG TERM and that requires tuning into what your body needs from day to day and speaking kindly and lovingly to yourself.
Some days or weeks you may gain, some days or weeks you may lose, have faith in that.
So, start this year by choosing a new measuring stick other than weight to notice your improvements.
That’s where these self love practices come in handy. By resetting your mindset for the long haul, you don’t ever worry about weight, dress size or whatever, you start to notice that when you love yourself unconditionally, you will make the best choices for you. And if you don’t that time, next meal, snack and day, you can choose differently.
No guilt, regret, shame, self loathing, comparing, restricting, denial, and so on, you know what your own pattern is.
Yes, you have a pattern.
And you have the power to change it.
The next 7 days will be all about celebrating you and helping you get a deeper sense of self love which is where the best goal getting begins.
Who’s up for some more Self Love?!
Big hugs and here’s to an incredible 2017!

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