New Year Goal Setting

New Year Goal Setting

New Year Goal Setting

Goal SettingIt’s not even midway through January yet but it’s been more than enough days in to have you questioning whether that new year’s goal/resolution/intention was really something you wanted and were going to work for

Did you tell yourself you’d start or stop something that would make your life better and then ponder giving up on yourself already so soon?

If so, you’re not alone.

Here are 5 massively mighty ways to stick to your desires for yourself

1. Write down your goal on paper
2.  Clearly state in writing WHY this is so important to you
3.  Read it every day at least 3 times with the statement “I am…” (not I want or I will)
4.  Set time aside daily to visualize yourself being the person that has already accomplished said goal
5.  Give thanks each day using the words “Thank you that I am…” as if it’s already happened that you’ve achieved it

Next level Goal Getting is destined to happen if you diligently follow steps 1-5

Oh, and take it just one day at a time

Love Jen

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