Radio Interview - Mom Shamming

Radio Interview – Mom Shaming

Radio Interview – Mom Shaming

This week on the TKO Show with Kara Ro we discuss mom shaming and the needless action of judging others.

We all have our pre-conceived notions about what we think things “should” be like, but it is a choice we can make to not subscribe to judgment.

I explain exactly where the judgment comes from right off the bat and we talk about the one antidote to judgment: open minded curiosity. And the understanding that things are always changing in our environment, so as well our beliefs and opinions can be more fluid like water.

We never feel better about ourselves long term if we judge and shame another. It just reflects our immense insecurity and self-judgment. We can remedy it all through love, tune in here to the FitMama Podcast and subscribe now to get weekly reminders of new episodes!

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