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Mindful Mouthfuls

Mindful Mouthfuls


Mindful mouthfulsMindful Mouthfuls is a call to action. A call to be mindful of every mouthful you eat. Everything you put in your mouth should be a chosen one!!

Do you snack on foods when you walk by them? Or eat all kinds of snacks while you prep dinner? Do you get dessert if others are, without checking to see if you really want it?

What I am proposing is to make the conscious, mindful choices to make everything you put in your mouth something that you truly want! Something you are really hungry for. And at the very least offers you positive mind and body energy that you can carry on with you through the day. Yes, this is possible!

The key is to find foods and combinations of foods that not only nourish your body, but nourish your soul. And make those foods the ones you choose. Then you will naturally eat them moderately. When you start to choose more foods that make you feel good and start mindfully listening to your body (“oh I felt great after eating that soup, steak or homemade stir fry, and I felt lousy after I ate that processed vegan burger or poutine”) then you can start to realize, its nearly impossible to mindfully enjoy a whole bag of large chips, or a massive Frappuccino from Starbucks. It just never feels good – no matter how much you tell yourself you “deserve” the treat. How about also, the foods we eat without noticing we do it…kids leftovers anymom?

It’s so easy to mindlessly eat the leftover toast on your toddlers plate, or the last few bites of their pasta, sandwich or pizza crusts they left behind after they were done.

Or the cold eggs, or the soggy cereal or mindlessly reaching for the re-heated microwave dinner because you are so exhausted from your day. I get it! I understand that you have a lot going on. Taking care of little humans is a job not for the faint of heart. It takes every. little. thing. out of us sometimes! Yes, it does. But instead let us look towards our loving little ones and watch how they eat. They leave food on the plate after all…they eat until they have had enough – they eat just what they want. They rarely overstuff themselves and never binge.

Being tired doesn’t have to lead to poor food choices. Being a parent doesn’t mean you have to eat junk food. There is no excuse for not finding some bright colourful vegetables or fruit, lean proteins or nuts and choosing those. Often we use cost as a deterrent, but it is a myth that healthy food costs more. Maybe in time to prepare, but making time for your health and well being is a good investment.

Awareness is the first step – NOTICE that you are doing this. Mindless eating (the opposite of mindful eating) is just that. Mindless. We do not even see ourselves doing it. Often we can be picking, grabbing and stuffing in foods and drinks out of habit without even noticing it. If this is you, then decide you are going to become more aware.

My top 3 fave ways to ensure you don’t get too hungry then eat mindlessly:

  1. Raw cashews! I eat these on mornings or times when I am rushing or too busy to cook/prep. They pair really fabulously with coffee (which is desired on said mornings). The little morsels of heaven are creamy, rich and filling. A small handful can keep you full for hours. And they are REAL food! Other amazing options are brazil nuts, almonds, walnuts and pecans. Choose raw where possible. YUM! Fibre, protein, healthy fat. They are a complete meal that won’t disappoint.
  2. Smoothies! I always say, “Make a Smooth Start,” because things go a lot smoother when you have eaten in the morning. A simple smoothie like some milk of your choice, some frozen berries, half a frozen banana, a scoop of chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds – then top with spinach and a scoop of protein powder if you feel you need even more – is a simple whirl in the blender, put in your fave to-go mug and sip sip sip all the way to work. You can also blend this up and take it for a lunch or snack later. And this smoothie contains REAL food (don’t kid yourself and get the “strawberry” one at the drive through – it often has NO strawberries in it!
  3. Pack snacks so you don’t get too hungry! Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, roasted chick peas, kale chips, baked tortilla (non GMO) corn chips, dried apple chips and non GMO popcorn are all crunchy snacks that are pretty easily digested and filling at the same time. They can keep you full for a while and they are easy to take on the go, stash in your car or diaper bag and they are great to share with the kiddies too. And they are REAL food! Don’t end up at the mall and have to choose the processed burger and fries or pizza. Neither you nor your kids deserve that.

Don’t these all sound better than leftovers, fast food, microwave dinners and sugar/perservative/chemical laden “foods” that leave you wishing you hadn’t eaten them 2 minutes after they go down? Not guilt FitMamas, indigestion, bloating, fatigue, food hangovers and cravings is what chemical processed foods create. Just avoid all that.

It’s just about CHOOSING, being more mindful. Deciding that you’re going to be more picky about what you put in your mouth. Sounds more fun right?

The key is:

PREPARING – so that you have chopped veggies in the fridge to stir fry up with scrambled eggs for a filling, fibre rich, nourishing breakfast. So that you have apples and pears to grab as you run to practice or daycare pick up. Take the time to wash and prep after you shop, so healthy foods are in your fridge at eye level and not hidden away in the crisper drawer (to get the opposite of crispy). A little weekly food prep can go really far!!

Join us in the FitMama Facebook group, where I share success tips and tools daily for more mindful eating and preparation to make choosing what you want that much easier!

See you there!


Love Jen

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