Mama’s off to rehab?

Mama’s off to rehab?

Mama’s off to rehab?


MAMA'S OFF TOI hear it all the time from FitMamas I speak with all over the world. They wish they had a better understanding of how to get back to feeling “normal” after having a baby. 

You no longer have to have that goal. You can set your sights even higher!

Learn what it means to rehab after having a baby.

Are you one of the many people who:

·       Feel weak and flabby in the core?

·       Are still trying to use crunches to tone the midsection?

·       Know that something doesn’t feel right down there?

·       Have no idea what to do or where to start?

What you will learn in the webinar will empower you to know:

·       What the core actually is?

·       Why rehabilitating it after having a baby is vital?

·       What you can do starting today to get the results you really want for your body?

If you want to know more, and really create the body you feel incredible, in then I can help.

FitMama is excited to be hosting an educational webinar on Tuesday, September 22nd at 8:30 pm EST.

I am so excited to host a live webinar to educate you, answer your questions and share this need to know information! Get more details and register here.

See you there,




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