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The Love FitMama Way Book has launched!

The Love FitMama Way Book has launched!

I am so excited my book is finally available on Amazon and will be going to print soon!

Right now, it’s on Kindle only, but no Kindle? No problem! It’s a free app you can get from the app store and it will allow you to read all Kindle books on any device, including your phone!

Don’t waste another second, you will be so happy you read this!

Get your copy HERE if you are in Canada and HERE if you are in Australia and HERE if you are in the UK.

I am so grateful to spread the #lovefitmama movement worldwide through publishing a book!

This message of love, self care, self respect and transforming your core through this beautiful experience that being a mother is. It’s a call to give yourself permission to be you, ask for support, feel all the feelings associated with this special time and embrace, nurture and enjoy it as it’s meant to be.

Right now, the book is only $.99 USD and it is a “soft launch” for the next few weeks while we collect some reviews on Amazon and to put on the book cover and the book then goes to print.

If you want your review to go on the cover, please follow the instructions below!

This is a fun and exciting process as the book spreads globally in all English speaking countries (for now) YAY!!

How you can support the movement PLEASE:

  • Please take 1 minute and $1 to download your copy HERE
  • Then please spare a few more minutes to read it JK this one is a support to YOU! All my research for over 15 years. I hope The LFM Way benefits you as it has for so many of my clients, friends and family. I would love your personal feedback and comments for sure, so when you do read it, please comment and let me know how you liked it and what you learned


Thank you for being a loving member of FitMama Global and my heart is so full and excited that this dream became a reality.

Sending huge hugs and a deep bow of gratitude FitMama,

Love Jen

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