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Know and Love Thyself

Know and Love Thyself

When you maximize your expectations and you manage your obligations this flows into SELF RESPECT. We start to respect ourselves more. If we can lay the foundations of our life based on self respect, we are bound to follow through on what we really want. The external work becomes a follow through on our intentions.

When you have your obligations managed and you are maintaining your intentions, you come from this place of SELF CARE. Self respect and self care makes you willing to say no to an invitation because you have things you have already committed to, that being yourself.

When you can maximize your expectations and maintain those intentions you access SELF LOVE. This is a really sweet spot, and it’s waiting for you to come there. It’s a choice. Will you choose maximizing your expectations, managing your obligations, and maintaining intentions? If you can you access this centre point of FLOURISHING in every part of your life.

how to enjoy your life

It’s like floating on the ocean on a raft with no GPS, you don’t know where you are, you don’t know where you’re going and the raft is feeling flimsy. Yes, you’re going to the gym everyday, but do you know why? Is it coming from a place where you are truly self respecting? Are you truly coming from a place of self love and self care? It doesn’t always look the way it seems. From the outside you can think that person has it all together, but we don’t truly know. It’s about you. If you are really grounded in your why, you have that GPS, you have goals and a direction for where you are really wanting to go. Then asking for support will help!

There are three things that I am going to leave you with to help you enjoy your journey through life as a mom, to help you innercise before you exercise. The best time to start this is in those first six weeks postpartum. Of course you are still adjusting to having a new baby, but this is the time that you will feel antsy and want to get back to your life. These will help you know that maybe now is not the time to do that. This is a time for innercise.

1.) 21 Days to love your body e book and audios – I recommend this to all FitMamas and all my private FitMama clients. This is a FitMama Program where you do the work every single day and it gives you real, practical action items to follow along to make you feel like you are creating amazing routines that are going to last a lifetime.

2.) Schedule it in – Creating a plan for yourself. Even when it feels all kinds of crazy with a new baby or kids at home, it’s important to have a schedule. Pencil in your self care like you do for a doctor’s appointment. It’s not going to be laid in stone but it’s about making a plan so you know where you are headed. Pencil in whatever lights you up so you are clear on what you want to do, so you can move forward towards your goals.

3.)Decide what you want and why you are doing what you are doing – This is the anchor. So that life raft that you are on won’t float out to sea. That tether will always keep you connected to ground. Getting grounded in your why allows you to keep really grounded and anchored to where you are and where you’re going.

Let us know how it is going for you! Please share below or on our FitMama Facebook Group.

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