It's Rad to Add

It’s Rad to Add

It’s Rad to Add


It’s Rad to Add!

When we think of “healthy eating” we are always led to believe it is about removing things from our diets. “I have to stop eating pizza!” Or “I have to quit coffee” or “I need to lose weight, I guess I am never going to each chocolate again” or “How will I live without cheese?”

This scarcity, or restrictive dieting mindset can have you feeling for nothing else in life more than that “forbidden food.”

So, get yourself off that roller coaster, listen here to my reasons why using words like “good and bad” when referring to food are actually detrimental and incorrect and hear my TOP 3 things to add to your days to get the most health benefits possible.

Healthy weight loss, improved energy, decreased anxiety, increased mental clarity and a whole lot of feeling fabulous can go down with just these three awesome add-ins. Who doesn’t want that!?

Let me know how you feel after adding these 3 into your life!


Love Jen


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