Interview With My Husband

Interview With My Husband

Interview With My Husband

LoveI’m so excited to announce my interview on the FitMama Podcast with none other than my husband of almost 10 years, Chris @basketballimmersion

Here’s our #10YearChallenge photo.
I’m so grateful to have this guy in my life, he’s the catch of a lifetime and I’m so proud of my younger self for being courageous enough to go after him when he seemed way out of reach

Tune in to the podcast for the 4th episode in my 4 part series on sex!

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We don’t hold back and we get intimate and real with you about being together for almost 15 years, 2 kids and how we’ve created a life together that keeps getting better, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

The best part….
It’s only just beginning

Tune into the episodes in any order but don’t miss a single one!!

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