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Hush The Rush

Hush The Rush

Do you know how many days there are until the end of the year?

As of the writing of this blog there are less than 75 days until the New Year.  Holy Crap Right?!

I am willing to bet that you detected a tiny bit (HUGE AMOUNT) of panic upon reading this.  So much still to do and time to do it is shortening.

We spend so much of our time rushing, feeling stressed and like we have so much to do and no time. Not a pleasant place to be right? The question is, how can we not when we obviously have a ton to do and time is always ticking.

I am going to share with you my top three tips to Hush The Rush so that you can inhabit your busy life with calm.

1.) Daily Practice

2.) Listening to your body

3.) Finding joy through daily gratitude.

Check out this video where I break these down 🙂

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xo Jen

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