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Group and Personal Online Coaching

Group and Personal Online Coaching

One thing we noticed early on at FitMama was how much community played a role in motivation levels.  Scheduling in workouts can be the hardest part,  but with videos being done at home, it eliminated commuting and I am there on screen talking you through it.

The FitMama workout plans can be done on your own schedule, or we have monthly challenge groups online where many FitMamas do their workouts and hold each other accountable altogether. It’s optional whether you want your own coach as well. To guide you specifically through your personalized program.

With weekly appointments with your coach, you will break through barriers, change neural pathways by laying down new habit patterns and thoughts.

When you work on the inside, the outside falls into place. The way you look at the world, interact with others, speak to yourself and project yourself into the world plays a massive role in your overall wellbeing. Especially to keep you energized in the most important role as Moms.

Support systems are key to success. Our FitMama Facebook Group is a community of loving, caring FitMamas all excited to share and encourage and motivate and inspire their fellow FitMamas. It’s a fun place to be!

Eating well, choosing foods that feel good to you, because you are feeling good. Not because you are using food for comfort or to stave off anxiety.Self-esteem is boosted each time you compliment yourself. Don’t wait for others to do it! Start now.