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Flourish FitMama!

Flourish FitMama!

Once you have that integrity piece and you implement it, you gain confidence. You can take people’s opinions or leave them based on what you are working towards.

When you have integrity and you idealize, you can really commit. You can go all in. You can commit to doing the work that you need to do to work towards the outcome that you want. You are realistic that it may end differently than you plan, but you commit to doing what you need to do to get where you want to be.

When you idealize and implement this allows you to give up the outcome while maintaining the commitment to do whatever you can to create what you want. This is you controlling the controllable and letting go of what you cannot control.

This is about setting the bar higher, while at the same time being open minded. Not being disillusioned or completely delusional about how things could turn out, but being open minded and setting the bar for yourself higher. letting go of those voices that are telling you that you aren’t good enough, that you’re not worthy. Whatever it is you are feeling this negativity around changes when you begin to maximize your expectations. Right there in the centre where all these things come together is the sweet spot of FLOURISHING as a Fitmama, right where you are today. Allowing you to set up those things that you need to set up to keep you aligned with that goal.

Three things I am going to leave you with to help you maximize your expectations of yourself.

1.) Daydream! – Yep! This is your homework. If you did this as a youngster, you were told to smarten up I bet. Have a purpose to daydream and imagine all that could be because all that could be, can be if you want it to be. Allow yourself to start dreaming big. Get back to that place that you were in as a kid with the curiosity and wonderment. Open your mind to the possibilities that could be. Do some work around this, take some time and implement this. Sit down with your journal and take the time to daydream.

2.) Choose who to ask the right questions to – Who’s validation are you seeking? Who are you asking these questions to? It’s very important the questions we ask, not only to others, but of ourselves. A lot of the time I think to myself “I am not even going to ask this question to this person because I know what they are going to tell me.” Maybe. Maybe not. Consider before you ask, what are you looking for from this person? Are you seeking validation? Is this person someone you want to seek validation from? Consider this when you ask even simple questions. Simple but powerful questions to ask yourself when you are taking big actions or big risks.

3.) Aim high and COMMIT! – and then don’t compare yourself to anyone else. If I compared myself to everyone else who told me a story about birth that was traumatic and painful and long I may not have been open to the possibility that I could have a quick and almost pain free birth. No two things can be exactly the same, and if we want to emulate someone, if we look just at the surface it might not be telling us everything we need to know.

Get out there and DO IT! Start to maximize your expectations for yourself. This helps you not only in that innerness and enjoying yourself piece of being a fitmama, it also can spread out to all other areas of your life.

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