Copy of Copy of MAMA'S OFF TO #FitnessFriday is one of our theme days in the FitMama Group where we share pics and stories about what we are doing to get our bodies moving! I love hearing all the different ways the FitMamas get busy! IMG_0553 Today I am in sunny San Diego, but since my hubby is working all day, my time to get my workout in before I am with my kids all day is 5 am – too dark for the beach run I dreamed about last night. Luckily, our hotel had an incredibly gorgeous gym I couldn’t wait to get to this morning. I wore one of my fave shirts, “The gym is my happy hour” which is very true! I have more than one happy hour in my day, but the gym is surely one of my faves.

Working out fuels my body, yes, but also fuels my mind; it relaxes me, helps me think clearer, gives me more patience to be a better mom and keeps me energized all day long.

When I don’t work out, I don’t feel guilty, bad, gross or negative, I just love expending energy exercising and I feel I get way more in return, so the investment is always worth it!

What will you do today to invest in yourself and get your body moving for that return of feeling fabulous inside and out?

I can’t wait to hear!!


Love Jen

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