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Exit the Excuse Train

Exit the Excuse Train

Exit the Excuse Train! Once and for all.

It is so easy to go through your days and weeks telling yourself or having chats with others and commiserating on the fact that you don’t have enough – enough time, will power, energy, money, influence, opportunity, sleep, support, skills or whatever. Today and going forward, start to notice everytime you create these “not enough” excuses and just realize that they are false. If you really want something, there will be a way to get it.

Decide to “exit the excuse train!” Keep reminding yourself that it doesn’t take you anywhere that you actually want to go.

Decide how you want your days to be, and then make that happen by giving up excuses and letting go of what stands in your way. I love waking up early and getting my workout in. I love being up before others and having that “me” time that sets a fabulous tone for my day. Is this always easy? No, never actually. But is it worth it? Every time.

For me, being “pro-active” instead of “re-active” allows me to feel like there is more harmony in my day. I don’t spend hours a day working out but I do make sure I move in some way every day, because I love the way it makes me feel. Especially the way it sets a tone for the rest of the day: I feel strong, energized and I feel like I can get more out of life by being fit. Stairs, hills, carrying kids, pushing strollers, carting groceries, waking in the night, travel, etc all require us to be fit.

Just like you wouldn’t want to get on a train going the wrong direction, making up excuses each day as to why your life isn’t the way you want it to be is really doing just that.

Decide to mindfully let go of excuses and decide that you will just do what you want. Choose how you want your life to look, feel, and be. You are the only one that can make it happen.

My top 3 tips:

3. DEVELOP. Develop a new image in your mind. Let go of what you thought the process would or needs to look like. Living a life you love in a body you love doesn’t have to feel like sacrifice, having no life, no time for your kids or spending hours in the gym every day.

2. DEMAND. Ask for what you want and surround yourself with supportive, like minded people. Trust that your self care and personal mind body fitness and health needs are worth asking for.

3. DO IT. Often we can have the best intentions but we never follow through as we get spiralled back into our excuses. Don’t make that an option. Start by being grateful for your body as it is today and for all that it has done for you up until now, still breathing, beating and holding up so well after all you’ve been through together. Then honour it one day at a time by moving it, feeling it, listening to its needs and speaking to it with love. Know that it is the way. Through Love. Just do it.

This workout is part of the 8 day Fitness Challenge we had in here – for the rest of the workouts if you don’t have them, CLICK HERE.

And remember, all fitness starts with the deep inner core.

Activate yours today by incorporating this core breathing exercise into each and every move – it may not be easy, but it is simple once you get the hang of it, and it is so worth it.

Core Breathing InstructionsSitting in-3

You got this FitMama!


Love Jen

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