Do you eat carbs

Do You Eat Carbs?

Do You Eat Carbs?


Copy of Copy of Copy of MAMA'S OFF TO copy“Do you eat carbs?” is one of the more common questions I receive as a nutrition, fitness and lifestyle coach – much to my amusement.

I have been asked this so many times, that I am going to address it here for more clarity.

Yes! I do eat carbs! And lots of them!

First off, I think it is important to define what a carb is. Because the truth is, most people do not know.

There are 3 macronutrients in our diets; proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Many foods have all three, some just contain one or two. Many people think of “carbs” as just starches like pasta and rice, and don’t realize that almost all foods have some carbohydrates in them. All vegetables and fruits do, all grains do, dairy does, nuts and seeds do, beans do, even eggs have naturally occurring carbohydrates in them, albeit a tiny amount compared to the other macronutrients they contain.

Yes, you can lose fat on a low carb diet – you can lose fat on pretty much ANY diet, healthy or not, in the short term. In the long term, you will lose your sanity. AND gain back all the weight and more.

The “low carb” craze sort of died down more recently and was replaced by the “slow carb” movement and “paleo diet”. Avoiding grains has become the name of the game.

Each to their own with the diet craze – BUT, no matter what, nobody can dispute the fact that eating real, whole foods in their unadultered state is the way to stay healthy.

So what does that mean?

It means staying away from things that come in a box or a bag or handed to me through a window in my car. It means cooking and preparing food myself most of the time and it means a little more work than just opening a package and eating it.

Is it worth it? I believe so, because I feel energized, fabulous and function at a pretty high level almost all of the time.

I say it is a little more work, because it isn’t THAT much more work to be honest. And it can take some practice, but the more you do it, the more you want to do it. It makes you feel good eating real food. And that doesn’t have to mean no carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of fuel. And yes, many people can be gluten intolerant or find quinoa hard to digest or get gassy from broccoli, beets or brussels sprouts. Or maybe you had a food as a kid you thought you hated for life – BUT, maybe you need to eat them in a different way. Maybe cooked rather than raw or raw rather than cooked? Or maybe someone just told you they didn’t like them, so you don’t like them. Perhaps you can try blending them or juicing them or soaking them or sprouting them. Or chewing for longer or combining them with different foods. Or find other foods that satisfy you and meet your nutritional needs. Either way, carbohydrates are not to be blamed.

Many foods that contain essential vitamins and minerals (micronutrients) are foods that contain carbohydrates. They are an essential part of a healthy diet and I assure you, you DO need them.

There are certain carbohydrates to stay away from: refined carbohydrates such as those that have been stripped of their micronutrients. Foods like white flour and white sugar. Commercially baked goods such as cookies, pastries, donuts and store bought breads made with lots of sugar are process carbohydrates that you can completely do without.

Lowering your sugar intake will have highly beneficial effects on your brain and your overall body’s health. Sugar stimulates the pleasure centres in the brain much like a drug and therefore can be highly addictive.

If you are wanting to lose weight, decrease your waistline, flatten your belly or lose the bloat, reducing your sugar intake is a great start, but please, do not just eliminate all carbs – this will have you doing way more harm than good, and functioning optimally in your life will surely take a back seat.

Want to try out some of my favourite recipes? Join our FitMama Facebook Group for free by clicking here. I am constantly uploading healthy and delicious recipes that are simple to make and eliminate the unknown of lurking refined carbs from store bought ones. Come try my recipes such as pumpkin scones, banana muffins and chocolate chia pudding. My homemade salad dressings and soup stock recipes will have you never buying those again and they are surprisingly easy to make.

And yes, all of them have carbs 🙂

“See” you there!


Love Jen

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