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Day 2 Mindfulness Challenge

Day 2 Mindfulness Challenge

Copy of 25 days of mindfulness!Day 2 Mindfulness Challenge.

Day 2 of The 25 Days of Mindfulness is a workout to show love to your body even amongst the happy chaos and fullness that is life as a FitMama. If you want to go for a walk, swim, bike ride or just take the stairs up and down for 5-10 minutes – your body will be so grateful!

If you are wanting to up your challenge and try a FitMama prescribed workout, give the one described on the picture and in the video a go!

You will notice by doing the circuit of prescribed 10-20 reps 2-3 times your muscles feel a great burn, your heart rate increases and decreases and you get a good sweat on! What a true loving treat for your body.

Over the holidays, we often say to ourselves, “I deserve (this cookie or that egg nog) treats, I have worked so hard or I am so amazing (which you are!),” But how about treating yourself to a quickie workout instead to send love to all the cells in your body?!

Please try the workout and let me know how you do! These are also posted in the FitMama Facebook Group and we would all love you to share in there as well! Please share this with a friend and invite them in the group too. Love is sharing! And sharing is caring, right!?

If you are wanting to know what the moves are specifically, please check out the video for a few reps of each one demonstrated by me. Feel free to do the pushups and tricep pushups on your knees, they are super tough and something to work up to!


Love Jen

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