Day 1 Mindfulness Challenge - FitMama

Day 1 Mindfulness Challenge

Day 1 Mindfulness Challenge


Copy of 25 days of mindfulnessDay 1 Mindfulness Challenge is all about cultivating loving compassion for ourselves and all those around us.

Being a FitMama all begins with love, and the theme of this week’s mindfulness challenge is all about LOVE. Love is the basis and beginning point of everything.

I created this mindfulness challenge with Stephanie Renaud, a close friend, FitMama and colleague of mine. When we were discussing how we wanted the 25 Days to unfold we both knew immediately that it all had to begin with love.

Today’s challenge involves listening to a guided mediation I created about cultivating self love and love for those around you.

By unconditionally loving ourselves and loving those around us, we can start to change our perspectives on things. Sending loving compassionate thoughts to ourselves and others instead of criticisms will have a huge impact on the feelings we have throughout our days.

By performing this meditation, you can start to change the words you use towards ourselves and others and we can start to realize that we are all equal and we all deserve just love.

Start to notice when you speak negatively towards yourself and others and turn those words around to more positives. Coming from a place of love and compassion can turn into a snowball effect where it just grows and grows the more we do it.

Practice it today and notice your feelings of love grow! Notice the peace and happiness that start to trickle into more moments of your days.

Take time throughout the day in addition to listening to this audio to send soft unconditional loving words to yourself and others.


Love Jen

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