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Core Training and Pelvic Health

Core Training and Pelvic Health

At FitMama we are all about embracing where you are in your fitness journey. Often times right after we have a baby, we have a passion to get back to fitness that doesn’t match where our body is at. Our common saying “heed your needs” is about listening to your body (and mind) and heeding their needs right now.

The first step: Pelvic Health Physio. This is the first line of defense against pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence and other postpartum health issues, your pelvic health physio visit about 6-8 weeks after you have your baby is vital and eye opening.

Kegels are ingrained in our brains as the “thing to do” when pregnant and postpartum to tighten things up down there, but it’s much more complicated than that. Many FitMamas are actually “too tight” which leads to painful sex, core dysfunction and other things, that kegels simply cannot fix.

Do you have a diastastis recti? This very common thinning of the linea alba (midline of the superficial abdominals) that appears as a separation or gap in the abs. This needs to take time to heal postpartum and getting back to “the same old thing” you were doing before you had babes is just not going to work.

At FitMama we will help you know the “safe” way to approach exercise postpartum and while pregnant. Many of the moves trainers or bootcamps will have you do are actually contraindicated and can cause a worse diastasis. Scary, but true. Get the facts straight by following the FitMama programs and know that you will be stronger than before you had kids, by following the safe core rebuilding programs at FitMama.

The first step to having a fit body is having a fit mind. FitMama Founder Jen Oliver, created a 21 Days to Love Your Body eBook and daily audios program for you to get back into your health and fitness journey beginning with the inside work – Mindset.

By following the 21 day eBook and filling out the daily activities you are setting the groundwork for your motivation, clearing barriers, gaining personal responsibility for your actions, looking into your habits, your commitment, your limiting beliefs and more. Nothing will empower you more for your long term health and fitness than beginning your journey with this book – buy now!