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Emotional Fitness

Self-LoveThis can be one of the hardest tasks when you begin doing it because we’ve been conditioned and taught that it’s “selfish” to love ourselves. Or maybe you’ve heard it’s narcissistic. But, is it? 😳
Either way, science has demonstrated time and again that this theory is opposite to reality.
Speaking inwardly to yourself the way you would your beloved pet, baby or best friend is highly adaptive towards success in life.
It’s time to defeat that “enemy” within by dousing it with some love
Start with small things and if you do this daily you will get more comfortable digging deeper
Start with just one thing you love about yourself right now. Yes, stop now whatever you are doing and comment below.

Interview With My Husband

LoveI’m so excited to announce my interview on the FitMama Podcast with none other than my husband of almost 10 years, Chris @basketballimmersion

Here’s our #10YearChallenge photo.
I’m so grateful to have this guy in my life, he’s the catch of a lifetime and I’m so proud of my younger self for being courageous enough to go after him when he seemed way out of reach

Tune in to the podcast for the 4th episode in my 4 part series on sex!

Subscribe in @itunes or @stitcherpodcasts so they auto-populate and you don’t miss any!
We don’t hold back and we get intimate and real with you about being together for almost 15 years, 2 kids and how we’ve created a life together that keeps getting better, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

The best part….
It’s only just beginning

Tune into the episodes in any order but don’t miss a single one!!

Set boundaries to be present

Be PresentHave you checked in with what’s keeping you from being present in your life? 👊🏽

Did you know the average person checks their phones in a day almost 200 times? 📲

Is that you? 😱

Feeling rushed, overwhelmed or comparing yourself to the point of anxiety…these can be side effects of too much phone time. 💯

Do you set boundaries for yourself?

So often we have FOMO if we don’t have our phones, but trust that you’re missing out on more by being on your 📱

Not to mention – have you said lately that you’re too “busy” or “don’t have time” for the things you want?

I think you do….

Love Jen

Love Wins

connectionsThanks to those who have written me about the podcast – I’ve been getting real deep and intimate in the latest 4 part sex series and I don’t hold back
Episode 3 is here and then I have a guest on the 4th one, my king 👑 himself @basketballimmersion
Intimacy and connection with another really begins with intimacy and deeper connection with yourself.
Make this year your best yet!

Love Jen

Positive Vibes

Positive VibesVibessss

What if instead of:
👉🏿Comparing, we congratulate?
👉🏿Anxiety, we awaken action?
👉🏿Lack, we more deeply love?
👉🏿Feeling worthless, we feel worthy?
👉🏿Separation, we create connection?
Small shifts daily make massive impact.
Notice who and what you’re tuning into and how it makes you feel.
Be inspired every day to be you, not someone else.
Love this @jennakutcher

Love Jen

Life is Beautiful

be the beautyLife is Beautiful

Your daily reminder that so often the negativity we get caught up in day to day is more related to what we “think” things “should” be like and not accepting them for what they are.

There is beauty all around you as well as within and tuning into the things you DO have and not what you DON’T have makes all the difference.

What are you grateful for today that makes your life undoubtedly incredibly beautiful?

I am so grateful for:

– Laughter with good friends
– Hugging and snuggling with my babes
– My man @basketballimmersion and his unwavering support and love always
My loving parents and siblings
Warm clothes
Warm weather
My freedom
My health

This post could go on for a decade straight as I have so much to be grateful for

Start each day with a grateful heart FitMama and see that indeed it is so:
Life is Beautiful ✅

Love Jen

Motherhood Transformation

TransformationIt’s easy to think that becoming a mom is just another stage of life that we phase into but…it’s not.
It’s pure miracles and the greatest opportunity for personal growth

Anyone who is mother even for a split second and even to fur babies is forever transformed from within
The gifts of Motherhood are plenty of you look close enough
In what way have you transformed at the core of you since becoming a mother?

Love Jen

Thoughts Become Things

LifestyleJumping for joy on South Beach in Miami enjoying a 3 day girls trip with 4 other inspiring women on incredible entrepreneurial adventures.
We came to celebrate our loving friend @nevianamaleyko and the 5 of us had an epic time together chatting life, Motherhood, podcasting, nourishment, self-love and sisterhood love
Cheers to another year of friends, play and commitment, my 3 words of #2019
What are 3 words describe how you see 2019 looking for you?

Love Jen

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make up the lenses through which we see our world😎

What stories are replaying for you?

“I’m not good enough”
“I’m not worth it”
“It’s too hard”
“It’ll never happen to me”
“It’s not my fault”
“It’s all my fault”
“It’s always been this way”
“I’m too far gone”
And so on….

Journaling, movement, water, sleep, self-care and our daily choices are all actions that move us forward when our stories keep us stuck


It’s where the magic is 💯

Love Jen

The Time Is Now

The Time Is NowMaking things happen✨

Remember the days when your current reality was just a dream?

When you imagined having kids, your spouse, your home, finding purpose or doing the work you now do?

Remember all those hours you visualized this current beautiful imperfectly perfect life?

If not, here’s a veteran tip: spend the hours visualizing what you DO want, not worrying about what you don’t #worthit

It’s either making excuses or choosing to not let them stand in your way✨

It’s putting in the hours to NOT follow the status quo of our culture where rushing and complaining are the most commonly exchanged currencies⚡️

Spending your precious resources of thoughts, feelings, words, actions and moods on negativity, lack, worrying or scarcity?

Tune into this week’s podcast #linkinbio as I walk you through exactly what a scarcity mindset will do to crush your dreams.

Think you don’t have time to do what it takes?

You do❣️

Your life is waiting ✅

This is me just before going on for my interview @nbcpalmsprings and the look on my face is nervousness mixed with a deep knowing that this is exactly where I’m meant to be and it’s what I’ve been visualizing and working towards my whole life #nailedit

Love Jen