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New Year Goal Setting

Goal SettingIt’s not even midway through January yet but it’s been more than enough days in to have you questioning whether that new year’s goal/resolution/intention was really something you wanted and were going to work for

Did you tell yourself you’d start or stop something that would make your life better and then ponder giving up on yourself already so soon?

If so, you’re not alone.

Here are 5 massively mighty ways to stick to your desires for yourself

1. Write down your goal on paper
2.  Clearly state in writing WHY this is so important to you
3.  Read it every day at least 3 times with the statement “I am…” (not I want or I will)
4.  Set time aside daily to visualize yourself being the person that has already accomplished said goal
5.  Give thanks each day using the words “Thank you that I am…” as if it’s already happened that you’ve achieved it

Next level Goal Getting is destined to happen if you diligently follow steps 1-5

Oh, and take it just one day at a time

Love Jen

Never Stop Dreaming

DaydreamWhat happened in your life that made you stop dreaming big?

Episode 44 on the FitMama Podcast is all about the scarcity mindset that has infiltrated our lives.

Tune in to hear the tips and tools #linkinbio that will allow you to let go of this and shift into an abundant mindset that reminds you it truly is all rainbows and unicorns.

Love Jen

Positive Attitude

ExerciseFeeling freedom!!

Surrounded by beautiful humans and stunning landscapes…

For over 3 years I struggled crippling back pain after NOT restoring my core postpartum and felt frustrated and trapped within my body for what felt like forever.

It hurt a lot.

It held me back.

It taught me so much though, and I’m a stronger, more grounded human and soul because of it and the deep journey that followed the injury.

The greatest lessons often come from the worst pain, and this is very true in my case.

Now, the pain freedom has translated into true freedom that pours out of me.

I’m so grateful

What has been a deeply painful experience that has allowed you to grow stronger?

Love Jen

Fangirl moment!!

Female Role ModelsGot to meet one of my fave role models of all time @sbird10 #SueBird #legendary

What a beautiful, talented, kind and brilliant human!

I literally did everything I could to play like her from age 14-24 and having a role model of this level inspired me in ways I forgot until this night.

I used to visualize playing like her and waste no time doing ab workouts while listening to Ma$e in high school and calf raises while I brushed my teeth to get stronger, faster and jump higher just like her….such a good motivator she was for me!

Thank you Sue

I am so grateful to the @nuggets and my man @basketballimmersion for the intro

I was so excited I was shaking!!

Have you ever met a lifelong inspiration in your life?

Love Jen

Ultimate Health

Ultimate HealthHave you considered what ultimate health is for you?

Is it something you’ve decided on or is it what you’ve been told?

If you aren’t already subscribed and listening to the wisdom that pours out of every episode of The Ultimate Health Podcast @ultimatehealthpodcast  Stop, Drop and Do it Now!!

This is one of the best resources you can tune into for your health and it’s ranked in the Top 20 in iTunes in Fitness and Nutrition

I am this week’s guest and you’re guaranteed to learn something you didn’t already know about your core, pelvic health or mind-body connection ✨

Tune in NOW or check out their profile and stories @ultimatehealthpodcast

So grateful to have been a guest on one of the best Podcasts of all time!!

Thank you @marniwasserman and @jessechappus who are incredible hosts and helping so many people with their commitment to their craft

Love Jen

Sunset reflections

The sun has set on my 2 weeks away. I’m home for less than a week and gone for another 2 weeks.
I am so blessed and grateful for the life I’ve designed and get to live every day.

When I say “design” I don’t mean I have all the control.

But I do get to pick:

  • WHO I hang out with
  • WHAT I focus on
  • HOW I feel
  • WHERE I spend my energy
  • WHY I do what I do
  • And there’s no doubt I’ve got something right these days.
    Go with the flow and believe your time and space are of value.

    Goal for 2019:
    Watch more sunsets

    There’s something about seeing the sunset in all its glory day after day that makes you wonder why even a day can go by without you seeking it and admiring it.

    Love Jen