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Radio Interview: Moms Using Marijuana During Pregnancy

This week, on my interview with Kara Ro, from the TKO Show, we discussed smoking marijuana during pregnancy.
Women who are nauseated during pregnancy are at 4 times the risk, found a new study.

It’s important for women to know that smoking anything during pregnancy does come with serious potential harm to the baby.

Avoid smoking or doing drugs while pregnant, especially without speaking to your doctor or midwife.

Please tune in here for some suggested alternatives.

Thanks for listening!
Love Jen

Radio Interview: Motherhood

Hey FitMama,

This week my chat with Kara was one of my fave topics – Letting go and trusting the universe.

What the heck does that mean?

Tune in for my description and my plea for you to let go of thinking you have control over everything.

Letting go and surrendering allows you to get into flow and not constantly feel like you’re on an uphill battle.

Allow faith to enter in and let a little magic into your life – especially when you feel the struggle of “forcing” something to be a certain way.

Let me know what you think!!

Love Jen

Radio Interview: Meditation to Battle Stress

Hey FitMama,

This week Kara and I chat using meditation to battle stress.

Off the back of the incredibly emotional and fragile situation with the soccer boys who were stuck in the cave and used meditation to battle the stress associated.

I shared how the everyday stresses in our lives can be mitigated by meditation as well.

Join us for this chat about what meditation is really about and why it can help us.

Tune in to be inspired for your meditation practice once again!

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Radio Interview: “Self Care in Summer” When You’re Out of Your Routine?

Hey FitMama,

This week I chat with Chris in place of Kara who is away for the week.  Chris and I discuss having fun on summer vacation and how to practice self-care with our kids around.

Whether the routine is feeling off or you have more events planned than usual, you can still take time for your needs.

Have fun this summer!

My plan is all about enjoying it. Let me know what you think!


Radio Interview: Adrenal Fatigue

This week, Kara lost her voice so I talk to the very curious Chris about and the cascade of hormones that usually stem from stress and why they are so harmful.

Tune in while I answer some great questions and uncover why these very tiny adrenals need loads of self-love every day and night!

Please reach out anytime with questions!

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Radio Interview: Burn Out… How To Identify This And What To Do About It

Mommy Burnout is an epidemicl!

What is it and how do we know when it’s hit?

What do we do about it?
How does the Love FitMama Way come into play?

Just as on the podcast I am talking about Overwhelm, Anxiety and Exhaustion- this theme came up on the radio.

I answer all this and more as Kara Ro and I chat on her The TKO Show with Kara Ro.

Tune in and let me know!

What are you doing to support yourself?
Have you tried the technique I share this week?



Radio Interview: Postpartum Depression…How It Impacts Mom, Dad, and The Kids

This week Kara and I chat about the upcoming Ancient Wisdom Retreat happening for women on Pelee Island June 22-24.

I am excited to be doing a keynote speech at the retreat and will be participating in the retreat all weekend.

I look forward to meet the many FitMamas already set to go, if this speaks to you, it’s not too late to sign up and join us!

Check out and register now.

In the second segment of this show we get into postpartum depression, the struggles of the early years with babies that are all too common and what to look for.

The signs and symptoms can be a life saver.
Tune into this episode and comment below with your thoughts.



Radio Interview: How to Love Yourself to the Core

This week on The TKO show with Kara Ro we chat about the Core work IN/Workout workshop at Breathe Pilates and Fitness in Walkerville, ON.

It’s important to do the RIGHT things postpartum when getting back into fitness because our deep core and pelvic floor can easily become dysfunctional because of all the pressures and changes within the abdomen.

Tune into this episode

Additionally, Kara and I go into some of what I covered in my newly released TEDx talk on their YouTube channel. If you are suffering from food or body guilt, shame, self destructive thoughts and actions, this talk is for you.

I have gotten incredible feedback so far on this video and within the first week it got over 1200 views.  Please watch now and share with your loving friends and family.



Radio Interview: Drink Water!!

This week on the TKO show with Kara Ro, I talk about my world famous hydration tool, “Get 2 by 2” and how to increase the water you take in through a day.  I talk about the toxins we’re exposed to and how our bodies deal with the continuous onslaught we absorb each day.  I describe how water drinking helps you lose weight and Kara shares multiple health benefits of drinking more water.

Think you need to push push push more, you may not need to.  Your fatigue or weight gain may be a sign you need more water and your body is begging you to become more aware of your day to day habits.

Tune into this episode

Join in the conversation and find more on this topic in last week’s podcast episode, H2OK?


Radio Interview: Impact of water intake, how you can drink more and sleep

In this episode of The TKO Show with Kara Ro Kara interviews me about sleep and water, two of the least glamourous seeming elements of the 7 Pillars of the FitMama Foundations™ – but boy we make them fun!!

I share my tips and tools to make it attractive, exciting and fun. We go into a few do’s, don’ts and best practices.

Did you know that you will have more food cravings if you don’t drink enough water and don’t get enough sleep? No, it’s not only your will power than needs a power up, it’s your sleep hygiene.

Tune in now to hear it all and get re-inspired for your water intake and sleep routine!