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Podcast: Busy Mom Workout Schedule

I chat about the where, when, how, what, who and WHY in this episode all designed to help you with your own personal busy mom workout schedule.

I share the 3 most important things and discuss them in detail, things such as:

  • What does a home workout involve?
  • How do I choose strength or cardio, which one is better?
  • What other aerobic things can I do, I hate running?
  • Why makes HIIT so effective and how do I fit that in?

I ask you, what motivates you, and we go into your WHY. Dig deep with me FitMama in this episode as I share active living suggestions, and share the value and essence of creating a schedule, following a program, getting social support, we are NOT alone!! We are social creatures and whether it’s an app or a real-life coach, get yourself something that works for you. ​​​​​​​

Make moving your body part of your family time. Take the family for a hike or go play tennis or basketball at the local park. Moving with your family creates a shared experience and shows them how you value physical activity. ​​​​​​​

A love for movement is a lifelong skill they will appreciate having been taught. ​​​​​​​

Haven’t downloaded the 8 Day Fitness Challenge and started home workouts yet yourself?

Do this simple anywhere workout NOW.

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Love Jen

Podcast: Restoring Your FAITH with Dr. Marisol, Queen of the Thrones

What an honor to have with me on this podcast, Dr. Marisol, Naturopathic Doctorand poop expert helps us understand the role of the gut, hormones and overall health in this detailed episode.

She shares with us the ancient practice of using a Castor Oil Pack and she goes into all the benefits of Castor Oil topically and the use of her organic cotton flannel mask and body wrap.​​​​​​​

I myself have done the packs almost every day for 90 days now and can tell you honestly that I have noticed incredible benefits.​​​​​​​

From detox to digestion, routines to the runs, we go into it all in this intimate chat, where I share some personal stories of my own digestive woes of the past. As a FitMama on any place in your journey, ​​​​​​​Castor Oil Packs (COP) will support and optimize your health.​​​​​​​

I particularly love how Dr. Marisol goes into how the COP restored her FAITH in her body and describes each of the letters of the acronym for us.​​​​​​​

She is such an inspiration, and I know you will learn tons in this episode that you can implement in your own life, beginning with
What Your Poo Says about YOU! Click to download this very valuable PDF!

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Love Jen

Podcast: PESTS that will Interfere with your Success

This week I share my acronym PESTS for the things that stand in our way from our best in this life. Whether it’s our fitness routine (or lack thereof), food choices or the way we spend our days to our relationships and to how we show up in this world.

We set a plan, we have a backup, we tell our husband/wife/friend to wake us up, support us, we end up not sleeping well, the kids have the flu, our alarm didn’t go off and of course, we have a work deadline….

I’m getting stressed imagining this scenario and then on top of that suggesting you “try to fit in exercise.”

This doesn’t work FitMama.

The truth is this –

These one off things feel like every day, don’t they, year after year.

And if it’s not one thing this week, it’s another thing next week.

WTF right!?

I get it.

If some version of this is happening in your world (hint: it happens to all of us) these could be summed up as PESTS:

  • Expectations
  • Stress
  • Tension
  • Social norms / societal pressures

So and so wants me to do this…or that…

Stress from bills, jobs, overwhelm, kids events, commitments, appointments, etc

Tension naturally created in our body that leads to everything from muscle tension to hormone imbalance, inflammation to leaky gut.

Then on top of that, there are the good old societal norms (no pressure)!

If you are doing all the “right things” and still feeling like crap, or mentally and physically NOT at your best – something isn’t RIGHT

Whose rules are you living by?

Whose goals are you aiming for?

I dive into all of this and more on this week’s episode, tune in now!

If you haven’t already, download your 8 Week Fitness Challenge PDF today.

Get your copy of The Love FitMama Way book

Start your Castor Oil Pack routine NOW!

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Love Jen

Podcast: From Movement to Microbiome with Dr. Shalini Bhat

Dr. Shalini Bhat is dedicated functional medicine professional with a decade of experience in the health and wellness field. She is the founder of the The Movement Boutique in Toronto, a next generation wellness clinic and designer of programs that are designed to help people achieve optimal wellness through moving, feeling and looking better. She has designed a workout method, a treatment method using acupuncture, fascial release and nutrition, and now has three functional medicine programs including her 21-day Clean Gut Detox.

After going through her own personal health challenges that western medicine wasn’t able to re-mediate, she developed a passion for functional medicine eventually becoming a certified practitioner to help others be empowered through achieving their own health and wellness goals. At her private practice, her treatments focus on providing patients with a road-map to moving, feeling and looking their best. She works with people who have been told they are normal, as classified by their doctor, and are looking to take their health to new heights, cutting through all the noise and trends on the internet and bringing her patients the most relevant info for their body, mind and microbiome.

Her three programs:

Website – FREE on our homepage join our “Two Weeks to a Better You” Program

The Vitality Collective – group in-person functional medicine program starts Oct 7

Clean Gut Detox – virtual 21-day program starts Oct 15

Get your copy of The Love FitMama Way: Transforming the Core of Motherhood today!

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Love Jen

Podcast: Diet Culture: “Weight-ism”

This week I am diving into the diet culture and what exactly it is.

So many of us don’t realize how we are perpetuating and playing into this idea that “thin is in” or “overweight is unhealthy.”

When I looked up weight-ism, I found this definition:

“This bias, judgment, stigma, prejudice, and discrimination toward individuals based on their size, shape, or weight is known as weightism. Most of the research regarding weightism has been conducted on obesity and overweight individuals because of the related public health concerns.”

I dive into what the diet culture is and how so many of us represent it without knowing it. I didn’t even know I was buying in.

I have been shamed online for being not fat enough to understand the body positivity movement or what it means to be up against the “weight stigma,” which I disagree with wholeheartedly. I totally understand.

I talk in this episode about the difference between outer and inner weight stigma and how this relates to weight loss, dieting, food choices, how we speak to ourselves and more.

Have food pushers in your life? Did you growing up?

How did others make you feel?

It’s time to take your power back FitMama!

Acknowledge whether it’s your own or other’s goals, wishes and values that you are behaving based on.

Make it your OWN!

Begin with Love, FitMama

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Love Jen

Podcast: How to get Yourself to do Things you “Hate”

Get Perspective FitMama! This is what I have been talking about lately with so many FitMamas I work with.

What you tell yourself makes a huge difference and I go into details how.

These are some Weak/Weasel words Dave Asprey of Bulletproof movement says:

  • Can’t
  • Need
  • Bad
  • Try

I have to say I wholeheartedly agree

Stop using these words FitMama!!

This episode I go into Will power again and how it’s like a muscle. Train it!

I go into how.

Things do get easier – create routines!

Keep your eye on the big goal

Gamify it and give yourself points to Treat YoSelf!!

  • Find foods you love that serve you
  • Find activities you love that make you sweat
  • Do these all with people you love

How much more fun are things in life when we do it with others?

Once upon a time the only reason why we:

  • Tried drinking coffee and wanted to like it
  • Tried drinking alcohol and wanted to like it

It was because it was a connection point with other people.

Now it’s like, “I want to have a social life, I cannot give up these things!!”

“Or I love food!”

“Or I hate exercise!”

These are just myths, lies and excuses you’ve told yourself.

Life is long, nothing needs to be given up – especially forever.

I talk about letting go of toxic people, toxic environments, toxic foods.

These will all make you feel so horrible but they will be the last things you want to part with – because they are your comfort.

Make your new comfort you. Make your new comfort feeling good.

Make your new comfort the knowing that you are looking out for number one, not giving into everyone’s expectations of you.

Brendan Burchard on freedom:

“People want to know and express themselves fully”

We talk Inner demons & Outer demons.

Focus on: Long term GAINS, Not what you have to give up in the short term.

3 steps to doing things you “hate” but are good for you:

  1. Small steps and Consistency
  2. Gamify it/Do with friend or coach
  3. Visualize and journal creating a clear picture of future


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Love Jen

Podcast: Feed Your Ovaries with Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc is a naturopathic doctor with a special place in her heart for integrative fertility, women’s and children’s health. As the founding director of Two Rivers Health, Dr. Liz is the founder of Fempowered Global™, a guided program for women leaders who want to increase their feminine leadership success. Through her clinic, she’s also the creator of the Well-Conceived Fertility Method™, an evidence-based program to help women and couples to build their fertile foundations, break through obstacles to pregnancy, and bring their healthy, happy babies home.

Dr. Liz is most passionate about inspiring women globally to embrace their feminine power, so they can create their own definitions of having it all. Her first book, Feed Your Ovaries, is due to be released in December, 2019.

We are talking egg quality, fertility, secondary infertility and so much more this week with Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty ND, RAc. Dr. Liz is a naturopathic doctor with a special place in her heart for integrative fertility, women’s and children’s health.

We are natural creators as women and natural nurturers.

We love having someone to nurture!!

When we nourish ourselves, we can nourish others in this life!

This shows up in fertility AND feminine leadership.

Dr. Elizabeth is “Fempowered” and talks about how we can better show up in life to increase resilience, confidence, brilliance as women.

I love this topic!

We talk about fertility nutrition, mindset, limiting beliefs and dive into some deeper waters we haven’t yet been to on the podcast.

Dr. Elizabeth Cherevaty can be found at her clinical practice in Guelph, Canada at  www.tworivershealth.ca and on Facebook in her Fertility BOOSTCamp Private Chat Group.

Look for her brilliance on Instagram: @elizabeth.cherevaty

For women who are ready for a baby, and would like more support, a Conception Confidence Call is a good next step for you. On the call, Dr. Liz will help you get a sense of what’s blocking you from the easy fertility you’re designed for, and whether it’s a good fit to work together to help you with the optimal conditions for conception and a healthy baby.

For female leaders who are ready to enhance their resilience, confidence and presence in their business or career, and would like focused mentorship in feminine leadership, a Female Leaders Insight Call is a good next step for you. As a sensitive soul herself, Dr. Liz will help you discover what’s really stopping you from the success you desire, and deserve! On the call, you’ll get a sense of whether working together toward your personal and professional success is a great fit.

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Love Jen

Podcast: Freedom Part 4 of 4

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.

In that space is our power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

-Viktor E. Frankl

This week’s episode is the last of the four-part series all about freedom – whatever that means to you.

I do a deep dive on the Viktor Frankl quote – who speaks on freedom in his book, Man’s Search For Meaning after surviving a Nazi concentration camp, and how this applies to you today.

For this week, I challenge you to do the 5 action items in that space between stimulus and response.

Action items:


What freedoms are you craving? The ones I speak on in this series…

  • Freedom of being comfortable
  • Freedom to say NO
  • Freedom to ask for what you want
  • Freedom to stand for what you believe in
  • Freedom to LIVE through priorities, boundaries and VALUES

Courage is the path to getting to that place of freedom for you FitMama.

Do the scary, hard things in this life and freedom shall be yours each and every day.

Share this with a fellow FitMama who needs to hear this today.

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Love Jen

Podcast: Freedom Part 3 of 4

This week I jump right into talking about our freedom to create a feeling without having to actually do, be or have the thing we think will give us the feeling.

I talk about the freedom of buying bigger clothes and the freedom of not caring what size things actually are.

Are you too preoccupied with superficial things that you’re missing out on the freedom of being comfortable?

Starting to dissipate the energy and emotion around food, your body, the hyper-focus and the negativity will begin to bring you back into a balanced place of true freedom, where nothing can hold you back FitMama!

Get ready to the innercise here to create your own magic moment, as I offer you through a visualization and opportunity to create a feel-good feeling that is available to you any day, anytime.

Don’t forget to go back and listen to both 1 and 2 parts of this 4 part series.

Next week’s episode is some actionable steps to more freedom in your life!!

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Love Jen

Podcast: Freedom Part 2 of 4

This week’s focus on freedom has to do with giving yourself freedom and permission to feel the feelings you want to feel without waiting for a certain “time” in the future.

We all think that x or y needs to be “achieved” before we can feel the feelings that we want, and it simply isn’t the case.

I’m talking about things that nurture your feelings of freedom, peace, calm and space. How you can feel freedom, create it and how it exists within you and is always available to you.

We spend so much energy on future and past thinking and it truly robs us of our presence and freedom.

Spend this stage of your life living!

Free yourself!

Love to you FitMama, please share this episode with a friend by forwarding it to them!

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Love Jen