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Podcast: What’s a Doula with Christa Ardelean

This week’s episode will leave you feeling empowered about birthing.

Pregnant women are consistently bombarded with fear messaging about the pain and suffering they are about to embark upon through labor, delivery, and raising children.

Christa Ardelean is a birth, sibling, and postpartum Doula and a childbirth educator. She is an advocate of empowered birth planning. Christa differentiates between the pain vs. the suffering we can experience on our journeys to becoming moms.

We talk a lot about the fear that surrounds birthing in our culture and Christa shares what she does in her role as a doula and explains what a doula can do to bring about a more comfortable birthing experience.

We go deeply into comfort measures and the research shows that oxytocin is released as a result of the mother feeling comfortable. We dive into some of these measures that can make birthing that much more of a delightful experience.

I am always encouraging moms to journal about the good, the bad, and everything about their birth experience.

Christa encourages this and goes on to say it’s normal and okay to mourn your birth if things didn’t go as planned and you still birthed a healthy baby. Let yourself be sad she says, I agree and know that processing these emotions is vital to mind-body health.

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Love Jen

Podcast: Simply Synced with Jenn Pike

This week’s packed episode features Jenn Pike, a Functional Nutritionist and Medical Exercise Specialist who shares with us her simplicity style wisdom, sharing with us how being healthy and fit does not have to be complicated.

Jenn shares the value of knowing what week of your cycle you’re in and how you can modify your lifestyle and behaviors from week to week to support performance, health, and recovery.

Jenn’s brilliant Synced program will have you feeling grounded, connected and clear on what your body needs from week to week to help it thrive!

She shares wisdom around the birth control pill, she relates her experience in fitness competitions and she shares her own lifestyle habits that keep her feeling at her best.

Jenn will inspire you to create more Simplicity and Ease in all you do just by listening to this episode and following her on Instagram and Facebook, listening to her podcast, and connecting with her via her website.

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Love Jen

Podcast: Eat Without Pain featuring Dr. Kim Bretz

This episode will have you asking some good questions about how you really feel when you eat. Before, during, and after.

Dr. Kim Bretz, ND is a Naturopathic Doctor in Canada who is a passionate international public speaker and consultant on gastrointestinal health.

As someone who knows the pain of “IBS” and irritable bowels, I know the pain one can go through when it feels like anything you eat makes you bloated, sick, or constipated, or worse, running to every bathroom.

Kim talked about how eating foods should not feel and how to get to the bottom of some of the pain you might be feeling if you have gut discomfort. Kim shared her humor and passion and answers some key questions in the episode such as:

  • What bloating is a sign for
  • Why heartburn is happening
  • Why we have to change pants by the end of the day
  • What the physical pain and bowel changes are saying

Dr. Kim Bretz shares how the IBS world has changed and explains that 15-20% of the population are getting diagnosed with IBS. While IBS used to be recognized as a default gut issue when they didn’t know what else was wrong, now technology has afforded us the capability of understanding and testing specifics of the bacteria in our guts and now we can rectify the imbalance of the bacteria through diet and other interventions.

Deprivation is not the only way and Dr. Kim talks about reintroducing foods and how no foods need to be “off-limits” for life (other than allergies).

Get in touch with Dr. Kim Bretz, ND if you are having gut issues you can’t seem to solve. She will help you eat without pain! Find her and follow her hilarious musings on Instagram.com/drkimbretznd

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Podcast: Chakra Talk with Jummee Joy

Jummee Park, a spiritual feeder and medicine woman, shares the basics of what a chakra is and explains which colors are associated with each chakra.

Root Chakra – Red
Sacral Chakra – Orange
Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow
Heart Chakra – Green
Throat Chakra – Blue
Third Eye Chakra – Purple
Crown Chakra – Neutral

We dive deeply into this episode into the Root Chakra, the foundation, the all-important energy center that deals with the matters of safety.

All aspects of life whether it comes to love, fear abundance, scarcity, sex, our creativity, our power, our energy and so much more all begin within this critical chakra feeling safety at its vibrational core.

Tune in to gain understanding which chakras might be connected to any pain or frustrations you’re having in your body or life.

Jummee shares how food, mood, boundaries, safety, and curiosity all play an integral role in your health and well being.

Prepare to ask questions! Jummee will inspire you to go on an introspective journey and there is no better time than now!

JummeeJoy does her LIVE breathwork every morning at 8 am on Zoom Click Here to join daily and use the password 938298

Find Jummee online on Facebook, Instagram, and join one of her Saturday Cooking Club classes here!

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Love Jen

Podcast: A Purpose Driven Life with Dr. Meghan Walker

Our purpose, motivation, clarity, and direction in life are being confronted more than ever before during these unprecedented pandemic times.

This week’s guest, one of the women I admire most on this planet, Dr. Meghan Walker, talks to us about her personal motivations, how she’s keeping her family healthy and ready for anything, her checklist of self-care behaviors that keep her grounded, as well as how she tapped into her own clear sense of purpose to step up in these uncertain times to provide tools, support, and community to allied health practitioners who need them more than ever.

Dr. Meghan shares her own mindset that provides her the freedom to choose how she wants to show up each day in her own life.

As a mom of 3 girls, she shares how she and her husband are navigating their parenting and homeschooling duties while each building and supporting businesses of their own at the same time.

Meghan is an inspiration and it shines through in each moment of this interview.

Prepare to be inspired to be the Chief Cheerleader in your own life, by digging into the concept of YOUR purpose.

Dr. Meghan shares the multiple parallels between having a clear personal sense of purpose (that goes beyond the great purpose of parenting your children) and the health outcomes associated with tapping into your purpose each and every day.

Connect with Meghan directly on her social media channels,

Instagram: @drmeghanwalker
Facebook: @drmeghanwalker
Twitter: @drmeghanwalker

Fuel your Purpose Driven Life with her proprietary women’s performance supplements, Badass Basics, at www.badassbasics.com and go to www.drmeghanwalker.com for more info on this Super FitMama.

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Podcast: Intimacy and Honesty with Chris Oliver

Welcome to our 100th Episode!

In this episode, I invited my husband Chris on to have some open chats about the evolution of myself as Jen, wife, mother, and FitMama, particularly the last 15 years we’ve been together.

I thanked him publicly for his strength, support, and for always creating such safety and love in my life such that I could blossom and fulfill my purpose.

Chris is straightforward as always, he shares honest reflections and truths that I know you will gain wisdom from.

I shared openly about how I felt during some major transitions in our lives and though it was not easy at the time, I knew what was right for us as a family. Forthcoming open communication of my feelings wasn’t a strong suit for me for many years, grinning and bearing it was.

Chris points out that we’re not a “perfect couple” by any means and that it’s important to “say what you mean and mean what you say” in any relationship.

We go into how to play, creating safety, open-mindedness, curiosity, and suspending judgment are crucial aspects of allowing growth to happen in a marriage, and as well as in parenting.

We talk about our Tantra experience and you’ll hear Chris’ perspective on it.

I share that we’re working our way through the videos in Kenneth Play’s Sex Hacker Pro Program. We talk love and lust and generalizations and old shame stories around sex.

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Love Jen

Podcast: What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 2

FitMama, this episode is steamy and eye-popping! Tune in to hear my shares from tantra and my suggestions for ways you can connect more deeply with yourself and your “person.”

Safety is the key to pleasure IMO and I share all the details about why and how in this episode. My man has made me feel so safe and I am so grateful for him!

We are wired as women to open up ONLY when we feel safe, let me help you with this!

I share some intimate personal details about my experiences and also share the last 3 of 6 “takeaways” from the tantra retreat my hubby and I attended in Northern Cali on Valentine’s day before staying home became a way of life.

Humming and sounding
Receiving only/giving only
Creating rituals, planning for it, making time for each other!

I share some key people I have learned from and you can too:

Kaleidoscope group – Alexa Martinez
Kenneth Play
Betty Dodson – Goop series on Netflix
Kim Anami – I love her Instagram great lessons
Hitachi magic wand vibrator

I chat about building anticipation by messaging on What’s App, I have my “How to Worship your man” video, setting up special times for you, breathing to elongate and get deeper orgasms,

I talk playing with a soft on vs. a hard-on and how to have fun with it all. Soft, squishy, in mouth, hands, playing in pants – remembering some things you did when you first got together, be playful FitMama!!

Licking cock – have fun with it! Enjoy! Admire.

Take the time to stop while you have a chance and admire your person! Look at them and REALLY compliment them! Really look.

Wishing you and your beautiful yoni some Fun FitMama! Your man/woman/person is waiting for you to open up and enjoy some deep loving.

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Love Jen

Podcast: All things Immunity with Lisa Dowling

This week’s episode is interrupting normal content with THE focus of the times, the coronavirus and all things related.

Lisa, a TCM practitioner shares her experience thinking she had the virus and was quarantined for 9 days. She has worked with thousands of patients over the last two decades and shares with us what she did when she thought she had it and what we can all do to prevent contracting the virus.

From talking about whether hot or cold therapy is best, to treatments relating to movement, music or calming the nervous system, Lisa tells us it all!

It’s a global “yin” time is what Lisa has observed and she shares what the stillness can bring if we embrace it. We discuss how our financial choices are linked to our health and Lisa shares how our tongues can give us plenty of wisdom if we know what to look for. How do we know if the things we bring into our home are safe? Lisa shares her methods during quarantine and what we can all do to stay safe.

Ran out of hand sanitizer? Lisa offers a recipe for a DIY version and shares what is best to wear for protection if you go out in public.

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Love Jen

Podcast: What I Learned at our Tantra Yoga Retreat Part 1

Tantra is the art of conscious loving.

My husband and I recently went on a retreat weekend to learn this art in more detail and it was very sexy.

Being present was definitely one of the biggest takeaways and it seems so simple…yet is profound.

Today I dive right into how Tantra really is about bringing a deeper, more present connection to your partnership or partnerships, whoever and however that works for you in your life.

It’s about being there, when you are having sex, leading up to sex, when you are pleasuring yourself or you’re other really anytime. Because if you’re not present, and if you’re not fully surrendering and instead of thinking about the bills, the kids and all the to-do’s, you know it kills the pleasure you’re able to receive and give.

I truly believe, as you know, that sex and self-care, self-pleasure and all the things surrounded by your sexuality are one of the FitMama Foundations and the absolute most important things that can contribute to you being a FitMama for life. If we are not comfortable within our body, and within our sex and feeling somewhat confident at connecting with our partner in a sexual way, we are not in our fullest expression of ourselves.

I go into ideas like eye-contact, touching chakras and breathing as well as talk about being closed, filled with stories of guilt or shame related to our sex and so much more! Don’t miss this wildly exciting episode that will open you up to new possibilities for yourself.

You know I love talking about this and there’s so much more to talk about still. I talk about this stuff with my clients and I know more people have questions about this because I just do the same thing right now it’s 2020 and I don’t think sexual education is even that much better than it was 30 years ago when I first “learned” and then 21 years ago when I began “practicing.”

Please share this episode with a friend, your partner or mom friends who you know will love it and benefit!

Book in for a free 15-minute non-judgmental and open opportunity to chat with me about your personal situation, I am always here to help support you!

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Love Jen

Podcast: Pelvic Health is VITAL!

I am so grateful this week’s guest, Chana Ross is joining me. She is a pelvic health physiotherapist, owner of Vital Physiotherapy. She is an inspiration when it comes to helping women with everything related to their pelvic health.

As we dive into the discussion about pain, incontinence, prolapse and other core happenings around pregnancy and postpartum, we will learn more what a Pelvic health physiotherapist is all about. Additionally, women who are suffering from pelvic pain or issues related to menopause, women who have gone through cancer treatment and are experiencing pelvic health issues and more. She also helps women rehabilitate if they’re experiencing pain during sex or low back pain.

The importance of pelvic health physiotherapy is vital to a woman’s well being there is no doubt about it. I am so glad Chana is doing this work and helping all the women she is helping. Pelvic floor awareness, deep core function, sexual health and pelvic health for women before doing more intense exercise is so vital to be a point of understanding for women in a way I didn’t even know when pregnant and as a new mom. We can be so empowered by learning and understanding these details of our own anatomy and physiology!

Tune in now!

Find Chana at her website and send her a personal note at chana@vitalphysiotherapy.com

Find her on Twitter and Instagram and see what she’s up to!

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