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Deep Core Exercise

Last month, I spent some time in California on my book’s media tour and I shared some essential pieces of postpartum fitness on an exercise segment on CBS 8 San Diego:

  • Stay Flat for 5
  • Heal Your Seal
  • Rest is best
  • Pearl PullUps to start
  • What small movements will effectively begin to rehab the deep core

Watch the whole video here: FitMama Secrets

FitMama Podcast is LIVE!

I am so excited to announce that the FitMama Podcast is Live!

Listen to me on the go as I share the current research, wisdom and real life examples of how being a FitMama all starts with love.

You can access it anytime of day. Hit subscribe and get notices for new episodes.

Tune in while you work out, walk the dog, clean the kitchen, do the laundry and run along the beach.

Make all your moments inspiring when you listen and ponder different ways of looking at things.

Jen brings you weekly wisdom on living life as a FitMama. She shares her personal stories, her theories and the research out there on living a happy long healthy life.

If you are someone who wants to live a high performance life, stay highly motivated for self care and connect deeper into your core so you can enjoy each day of your life, then this podcast is for you!

Read the reviews, subscribe for free and search “FitMama Podcast” in the following places:

iTunes Podcast app

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I look forward to reading your review, feedback, suggestions and comments are always welcome.

Hugs and thanks for being a FitMama.

Love Jen


The Love FitMama Way Book has launched!

I am so excited my book is finally available on Amazon and will be going to print soon!

Right now, it’s on Kindle only, but no Kindle? No problem! It’s a free app you can get from the app store and it will allow you to read all Kindle books on any device, including your phone!

Don’t waste another second, you will be so happy you read this!

Get your copy HERE if you are in Canada and HERE if you are in Australia and HERE if you are in the UK.

I am so grateful to spread the #lovefitmama movement worldwide through publishing a book!

This message of love, self care, self respect and transforming your core through this beautiful experience that being a mother is. It’s a call to give yourself permission to be you, ask for support, feel all the feelings associated with this special time and embrace, nurture and enjoy it as it’s meant to be.

Right now, the book is only $.99 USD and it is a “soft launch” for the next few weeks while we collect some reviews on Amazon and to put on the book cover and the book then goes to print.

If you want your review to go on the cover, please follow the instructions below!

This is a fun and exciting process as the book spreads globally in all English speaking countries (for now) YAY!!

How you can support the movement PLEASE:

  • Please take 1 minute and $1 to download your copy HERE
  • Then please spare a few more minutes to read it JK this one is a support to YOU! All my research for over 15 years. I hope The LFM Way benefits you as it has for so many of my clients, friends and family. I would love your personal feedback and comments for sure, so when you do read it, please comment and let me know how you liked it and what you learned


Thank you for being a loving member of FitMama Global and my heart is so full and excited that this dream became a reality.

Sending huge hugs and a deep bow of gratitude FitMama,

Love Jen

FitMama Foundations

Have you been considering joining us for this round of the 9 Week FitMama Foundations™ Program?
This 9 week group coaching program is the work IN component to your Work OUTs. So often we think we need to change what we’re doing from the outside (more and harder workouts, less food!) but it isn’t the case. It all starts from within.

Is your mind coming up with reasons why it isn’t what you need?
“I can’t start something in the summer.”
“I will start in September when things ‘settle down.’”
“I want to have fun, not be deprived.”
“I already know what to do, I just have to do it.”
“I feel scared to share how out of balance things have gotten”
“What if I can’t change?”
“I have been ‘trying’ it’s not my fault.”
“I can’t exercise, so nothing will work anyway.”
“What if it doesn’t work? Why even bother?”

These are all LIES!! Your mind loves to tell you stories that feel believable.

I want to share with you why I KNOW it’s exactly what you need if you are still struggling with:

  • Weight loss
  • Negative self-talk
  • Poor follow through
  • Willpower struggles
  • Feeling defeated
  • Feeling lost and hopeless
  • Cycling “on” and “off” the wagon
  • Lack of motivation
  • Thinking nothing will ever change so there is no point in trying (aka learned helplessness)

You deserve better! You deserve to talk yourself up every day and have your own back.

Are you ready for a treat?
We start when you’re ready.
Get on the phone with me, tell me what’s up and get registered.

Just DO IT!

With love and oodles of respect,

Love Jen

Pearl Pull-Ups



Hi FitMama!

I am so grateful to introduce to you the Pearl Pull Ups as the new exercise to engage your deep inner core.

Listen to me talk you through it now:

At FitMama we are all about tuning inwards and restoring your core postpartum.

These Pearl Pull-Ups can be done 3-4 times daily for 15-20 reps. Posture is key. Sitting or lying down is a good way to start and then progressing to standing and moving.

Remembering the cousin to the Pearl Pull-Ups is Core Breathing which I recommend daily also. While pregnant and immediately postpartum.

By practicing the Pearl Pull-Ups, you will reinforce the mind-body connection to your core and will be building, with each step and move, a stronger foundation for your whole body.

Tighten your midsection, improve your posture, stop leaking pee and best of all, feel good! Have good sex!

If you haven’t gone yet, please go see a pelvic floor physiotherapist who can check you internally for health of your deep core.

Please join us in the FitMama Facebook Community to join the conversations.

Being a FitMama all starts with Love,

Love your Core.

See you online FitMama,


Love Jen

FitMama FitHabits

fithabitsFitMama FitHabits are the Top 5 Habits of FitMamas!

I hear this often…”I am not a FitMama, but maybe one day…” or “Well, I am not a FitMama, but I want to be,” or some version of that.

If you remember one thing from this article, remember this:

“You are what you believe yourself to be. “

How does that sound? It’s up to you to choose what you want to believe. You are what you say you are.

FitMama is a mindset. It isn’t about passing some fitness test, looking a certain way or being someone you are not. It is about deciding that from this moment forward: You are a priority. You are perfect just as you are. You deserve unconditional self-love always.

And you are going to be the only one that can make those things a reality.

If there are things about your health and fitness you do want to change or work towards…then it is only going to happen one way: One day at a time.

After years of working with amazing FitMamas, I have been able to come up with The 5 Habits of FitMamas. Want to BE the FitMama you see as outside of yourself? Do these starting now!

5. Daily Gratitude Practice. Taking time daily to notice and be grateful for what you already have, for who is in your life and for all the blessings that show up for you each day makes space for more and more of those amazing things to appear in your life. What you focus on expands, and when you focus on all the incredible things you have in your life, more will surely be there for you to say “Thank You” for tomorrow.

4. Prioritize! Taking time to decide what really matters to you and what you really want in your life allows you to much more easily say “No, thank you” to things that don’t serve you. We all lead full lives that demand a lot from us, so allow yourself to sift through all the needs of others and yourself and come up with just a handful of things that are really meaningful to you and then spend your time on those.

3. Plan ahead. There is no time saver and true success tool quite like planning for what you want to unfold. Do you want to eat healthier? Plan to get the groceries you need to make that happen. Want to get more exercise in? Plan it into your daily routine and make time for it. Things just don’t happen because you once thought it might be a good idea. Planning can really make the difference between following through on your goals or giving up before they get off the ground.

2. Ask for help. I know, we have been taught or conditioned to think we have to do it all ourselves or we are weak or incapable. Not true! If you are trying to do it all yourself, you are going to burn out and become resentful. Trust that people in your life want the best for you and if you can clearly communicate what it is that you need, how they can help and why it is important, then you will start to free up some time and energy to focus on what it is you really want in your life.

1. Positive Self Talk. FitMamas talk to themselves the way they would talk to their best friend or someone they admire, not someone they loathe or resent. They give themselves a pat on the back, they tell themselves how amazing they are for the little things they do and they approach themselves with compassion, love and understanding that there is no perfect. Perfection is about just being you.

We all know life can get crazy and we have no control over other people or many happenings around us. What we DO have control over though, are our responses to those things and our choice to take responsibility for our actions.

What is it that you really want? What are you willing to do to get there? Try the 5 small steps above and repeat them over and over until they become habits. When you can do these simple FitHabits, you will be oozing that FitMama vibe.

What’s your first step? Comment below and let us know! Join us for support, accountability and more simple tips in our FitMama Facebook Group. See you there!


Love Jen

Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines

Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines!

It’s not uncommon to be fearful of doing things while pregnant. We are often led to believe by others (people, media, well meaning friends and family) that doing ANYTHING while pregnant can result in some horrible fate. And as conscious loving Mama Bears we don’t want to do anything that could potentially hurt our growing baby.

I understand that fully. However, there are some things that you want to consider in deciding whether or not to exercise during pregnancy.

  1. Did my doctor tell me it was ok for me to exercise?
  2. Do I feel good enough to exercise? (be honest with yourself)
  3. Do I know what I can safely do for exercise during pregnancy?
  4. Am I overdoing it?
  5. Do I realize that labour and delivery is harder than a marathon, so I could use to train a little for it?

Now, on the last point, there are many things that go into how your labour and delivery pan out – genetics, baby size, your anatomy, physiology, fitness and a myriad of other factors and circumstances which make each and every labour and delivery unique.

However, to NOT workout out of unwarranted fears may have you wishing you were in better “shape” (cardiovascular and strength-wise) to withstand and really get into it with 24-48 hours of labour and delivery.

A marathon is only 4-5 hours! And very few try to get through one without any training at all. While carrying an extra 20-100 lbs. Right?

You never know what your birth story will ultimately look like, but you can be as prepared as possible going into it, fitness wise, health permitting.

Watch the video for my Top 5 Pregnancy Fitness Guidelines to make it safe, worthwhile and your best possible path to an awesome labour, delivery and postpartum recovery.

Let me know how it goes!


Love Jen


Redefining Core Exercise


Why am I redefining core exercise?

Well, first off it is because most people think core exercises just consist solely on working the core alone in isolation. The “core” is a buzz word that is used a lot but not really well understood.

I teach core education webinars that run online quite often, CLICK HERE to find out when the next one is, if you want to learn what the core really is (with anatomy pictures and all!) and how to work it most safely and effectively.

It is common to think of core moves as just variations of crunches, sit-ups or leg raises. I am here to tell you these are not the best moves to work your whole core, and these moves are potentially quite damaging to the deep inner core unit. Often when we do moves like crunches, we are strengthening just the superficial muscles of the rectus abdominis or obliques and the stronger these muscles get, they can overcompensate for a weaker inner unit, which then can cause deeper issues down the road. And I am guess you don’t want that!

I recommend each and every new mom do a comprehensive 6-8 week core rehab program (at least) such as the one from BelliesInc.com.

Check out this video example of the Glute March – yes, a core exercise.

Don’t forget to do your core breathing while doing this move.

Go for 3-4 rounds of 10-15 reps per leg and if your hips start to sink, take a break and do more later. This works the core muscles of the back as well as the glutes, quads and hamstrings. Great bang for your buck! And it’s a safe exercise! Bonus!

Let me know how you like this one!!


Love Jen

Why you will love the FitMama Group

BLOGgroupAre you looking for a supportive community of like-minded FitMamas who all share the same goals of living a healthy and fit lifestyle? Then the FitMama group is for you!

I am in there every day answering questions, posting new recipes, sharing what I am eating and what I am doing. We have numerous challenges such as Fitness Challenges, No Sugar challenges and Water challenges. It is all designed to inspire, motivate and education on safe exercise, positive mindset and truly flourishing as a FitMama.

We have a daily theme #saynosaturday #successsunday, #mindfulmonday and so on, where I post thought provoking articles, pictures or messages about relevant topics to get you thinking outside the box.

What are people saying about being a part of the FitMama group?

I’m grateful to find a group of people who share health as a common goal and interest, who motivate eachother, who don’t judge but rather support eachother (even though we don’t ‘know’ eachother) and who aren’t on FB just to whine about their jobs!!! The positivity is something that I prefer to be part of.

There are saved files with recipes and meal prep ideas as well as a long newsfeed with months and months of questions, answers, suggestions, ideas for #breakfast, #lunch, #dinner and #snacks as well as shopping ideas and informative articles.

I’ve really paid attention to your frank and motivational posts and truly say they’ve moved me to pay more attention to everything in all aspects of my life, rather than just pass each day as if on an internal autopilot setting. Thank you so much for inviting me into your world.

Please join us in this group of FitMamas from all over the world to share your stories, suggestions and questions. We are all here to support each other in living an active lifestyle, free of dis-ease and share in each other’s successes.

After following your challenges and suggestions in the group, I have lost 20 lbs in the last 3 months – and I have never even met you! Thank you for this group Jen!

If you are ready to make some changes and just don’t know where to start, this group is for you.

Click here to join: facebook.com/groups/lovefitmama

“See” you there!

Love, Jen